Kingdom Help: Chiefs, Soccer and College Writers Wanted

Three months have passed since I took up the reigns here on KC Kingdom and things have progressed extremely well. As a staff we’ve published 254 articles since November 1st which is, in my admittedly biased opinion, exceptional. Our readership and traffic numbers have rapidly grown every month as well. Despite all the content we have published and all the readers we’ve reached, we get to cover just a fraction of the topics surrounding our area teams that we’d like.

It’s simply a matter of resources.

Earlier this month Joel Wagler agreed to bump up his production and join me in the task of posting daily. His increased output will certainly help and Chip, Michael and Ryan are as committed to the cause as ever.

But we still need help.

Though he lives in a far more optimistic world when it comes to the Royals, Joel and I are of like mind on most other matters as they relate to KC Kingdom. We want to bolster our staff and to that end we are looking for staff writers to join our team.

Our main focus right now is beefing up our Chiefs coverage and finding some talented individuals to cover Sporting KC, FCKC, the Comets and other major MLS stories. We’d also love to find staff to focus on college beats of each of the four local schools, especially when it comes to the Missouri Tigers and the SEC.

That said, if you are a fan of any of the local teams, college or professional, enjoy writing and have a desire to publish your thoughts for others to read, then we encourage you to click on this link and fill out our network’s online application. Regardless of our need as it relates to your team of choice, if you’re talented and dedicated, we will find a spot for you on our staff.

If you are interested, but don’t have previous sports-writing experience, that’s okay. As long as you can clearly express your opinions in your work, publish at least six articles per month and are willing to communicate and work with the rest of the staff, we will consider your application.

Staff Writers are not paid, but FanSided has a long history of promoting from within and more than a few of our writers over the years have landed full time gigs with pro teams and other media outlets. That’s a testament to the fact that writing for KC Kingdom, or another one of our network’s various sites, can give your work a great deal of exposure. Our partnerships with outlets like certainly do not hurt either.

Of course for many, like myself, writing is not a means to an end. It is its own end. I love doing what I do and even if no one ever read my articles, I’d still publish them anyway. Even if you’re not as obsessed with writing like I am, I think you’ll find that being a part of our team and putting your thoughts out there for mass consumption and reaction is a very fun and positive experience.

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