KC Chiefs: The perfect Chris Jones trade after ‘Or I won’t play’ tweet

Chris Jones #95 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Chris Jones #95 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Jamal Adams #33 of the New York Jets. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jamal Adams #33 of the New York Jets. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Perfect Storm

Now just to rip the bandaid off, we are going to be talking about trading Jones and yes, in the perfect scenario, the Chiefs have no cap concerns and just pay him, but there is a trade scenario setting itself up perfectly as well.

A lot of people may feel like if the Chiefs were going to trade Jones, the “perfect” time to trade him would’ve been pre-draft, but here is why that is wrong. I was one who believed that the Chiefs could trade him before the draft as well and still come one on top as well, but hindsight is 2020 and I sure am glad that didn’t play out now.

In the past couple of weeks, the perfect storm has been happening for the Chiefs.

The first crack of thunder in this storm was when Jamal Adams publicly requested a trade and gave a list of seven teams who he would play for and not ask for an extension right away. To no surprise, the defending champion Chiefs were on that shortlist.

There’s part one of this perfect storm and we will discuss that more in a minute, but real quick we will touch on part two if the perfect storm.

If you look back at Jones’ tweet, he eluded getting advice from Le’Veon Bell on the situation (which he probably shouldn’t listen to because Bell actually lost a lot of money in his hold out, but that is a whole different article) and the team that Adams plays for just so happens to be the same team that Bell plays on.

The Jets have the cap space to pay Jones, the ammo to trade for him, and he would be joining his summer work out partner, Bell. In other words, this is not only perfect for the Chiefs, but for the Jets as well.

It’s not every day that you have the 37th ranked NFL player (Adams) per Pro Football Reference requesting a trade from your team and having the perfect opportunity to replace him with the 36th ranked NFL player (Jones) in return.

Back to part one and why this works out great for the KC Chiefs.

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It really is crazy how much of a blessing in disguise this trade request from Adams is for Kansas City. Just when it was looking like hopes of an extension were dwindling and that GM Brett Veach should have sent Jones packing pre-draft for a package of picks, this brand new shiny trade piece presents itself.

Adams is so much more of a sure thing than a package of draft picks. Even if the Chiefs were able to get top value for Jones, the First Team All-Pro not only is already proven to be one of the NFL’s premier safeties, but he is under team control and relatively cheap for the next two seasons.

Yes, the Chiefs already have a really good safety duo, but the way Coach Spagnuolo uses with sometimes up to four on the field at once, trouting out a safety group of Tyrann Mathieu in the slot, Adams in the box, and Juan Thornhill manning the free safety spot looks very scary. We will save why these three not only would work together, but thrive together for a different article.

Again, it is unimaginable how perfect of timing the Adams situation was and we still haven’t even touched on the biggest piece to this and that is the cap space.

Adams will come into next season with about $9 million less of a cap hit than Jones’ tag number and about $13 million less than what it would apparently take for him to play next year. That could go a long way towards helping plug the gap left by Jones.

Let’s take a look.