Kansas City Chiefs: Every First Round Draft Pick Since 2000

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Kansas City Chiefs Overrated Player Marcus Peters
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The Kansas City Chiefs took a risk when they selected Marcus Peters 18th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft. Peters had problems when he attended Washington and was actually kicked off the team. It was a risky pick, but it paid off early on, as Peters was sensational as a rookie.

During his rookie campaign, Peters had 53 tackles, 26 defended passes, eight interceptions (two returned back the other way) and was rewarded with the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. His first NFL snap consisted of him picking off Brian Hoyer.

Peters continued to be exceptional at picking off the football, but his second year in the league started what become a continuous rocky relationship between him and Chiefs fans.

One thing Peters enjoyed doing in his second year was punting the football into the stands, which was a really stupid thing to do. In one game, it yielded a flag and was something that Peters had to be instructed NOT to do.

Peters was one of the many players who opted not to stand for the National Anthem and that definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Things really started to go awry in Peters’ third season. He threw a penalty flag into the stands late in the season against the Jets, which led to Andy Reid suspending him for the following week against the Raiders.

When the season was over, rumors began to swirl that the Chiefs had had enough of Marcus Peters. Not long after, the All-Pro corner had been traded to the Rams. Chiefs fans waited for what seemed like weeks to find out what they’d be getting in return only to find out it was for a lot less than what Peters was worth.

Chiefs fans were divided on Marcus Peters and it almost seemed like he was traded to please the portion of the fan base that didn’t care for him. Those who appreciated Peters were pretty upset with the trade, especially with the fact that the Rams basically fleeced Kansas City for their best defensive player.

Whether Peters wanted to return to Kansas City or not when his contract was up, the way he was traded was definitely mishandled and Chiefs fans had every right to be upset. Peters was traded again, this time to Baltimore, where he’s still playing as of this writing.