Kansas City Chiefs: Youth movement with position players

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Kansas City Chiefs: Quarterback Youth Breakdown

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback depth chart fascinates me, as it is a key highlight of this offseason as a whole. With Veach trading Alex Smith to the Redskins, the youngster in Patrick Mahomes II finds himself with the franchise sitting on his shoulders.

Mahomes has the perfect opportunity to become the franchise quarterback the Chiefs desperately need. The 22-year old during his rookie season, had veteran Smith as his “teacher” during practices, and games.

Now, with Smith no longer a Chief, it is up to Mahomes. He must step up and deliver. Smith may be gone, but Veach knew Mahomes needs mentors throughout this season that have experience in the NFL. The last thing Mahomes needed was to be dumped on his own to carry a franchise.

Insert 32-year old Chad Henne and 28-year old Matt McGloin. Henne and McGloin signed contracts with the Chiefs during the offseason to backup Mahomes. Not only will they need to backup Mahomes, but also mentor and step into the action if Mahomes has a serious injury.

Sure, Henne and McGloin lack an abundance success in the NFL, but that does not mean they will not succeed with the Chiefs. They both are in perfect position to guide Mahomes to the promise land, and if that does not excite you – you must be a pretty boring, unenthusiastic human being.

Depth Chart breakdown – QB: 

  1. Patrick Mahomes II, 22-years old
  2. Chad Henne, 32-years old
  3. Matt McGloin, 28-years old
    • Average QB Age: 27-years old