Kansas City Chiefs: Behind enemy lines with the New England Patriots

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(Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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What is your prediction for the game?

"31-21 New England. I think the Patriots offense will be too much for the Chiefs and I believe the loss of Spencer Ware REALLY hurts the KC offense. It’ll be close until the 4th quarter."


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No, I totally get it. I believe in the Chiefs, but I do think them rolling into Foxboro and coming out with a win is a challenge for sure. Tom Brady doesn’t lose at home and that’s because home field advantage in the NFL is a real thing, and he lives by it.

I could see what Jakubajtys is saying though, with the Chiefs being very much in the thick of things until the fourth quarter. That’d be a very “Chiefs” thing to do.

While everyone is going to be mad at me for predicting the Chiefs to lose, I will cheer all of you up by noting that Ben didn’t disappoint any of us. He picked Kansas City to win this one. Here’s how his answer looked in Chowder and Champions’ article,

"The Chiefs may match up against the Patriots better than any other team in the NFL. The early weeks of the season don’t really tell us much, as things will always change. That often means there are more than a few surprises in the first couple of weeks. I’ve got this down as one of them."

Atta boy, Ben! I applaud you for picking the good guysand I wish I had those kind of stones. Playing on the defending champion’s home turf after they just won the craziest Super Bowl ever is a tall task and I hope the Kansas City Chiefs are up for it. Just not positive that they are.

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If this game were at Arrowhead, it’d be a whole different story. The Chiefs pounded the Patriots the last time these two teams met in Kansas City, but playing in Foxboro is incredibly difficult. Very few teams have gone in there and left victorious.

What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Are the Chiefs up for the task? What did you think of these answers from the Patriots site?