Fantasy Football: Top 15 Rookies to Target in 2017

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Top 15 Rookies to Target in Fantasy Football: Number 12 – Marlon Mack

With Frank Gore getting up there in age in Indianapolis, the Colts made the decision to bring on a rookie running back via the draft. That guy was Marlon Mack, who could go on to turn some heads this year.

The reason I have Mack so low on this list is that even though Gore is aging, he’s still effective. The brooding back managed to rush for over 1,000 yards even though the Colts’ offensive line was absolutely atrocious. That’s a sign that he’s still got it and has what it takes to be the Colts starter this year.

Mack, however, is someone that I would target in my draft simply for the “handcuff” aspect of fantasy football. If you’re not familiar with handcuffing, it’s when you draft a player (in this case, Gore) and later also pick up that player’s backup (so, Mack) so that if anything happens to the starter, you already have the backup on your roster. No trading necessary!

Mack is going to see the field this year, but how much time he sees is still a mystery. He’ll be available in the later rounds and if you draft Gore earlier on, try and pick up Marlon Mack near the end of your draft.