Kansas City Chiefs: Predicting result of every game in 2017

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Week 14 – Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 (12:00 CST kickoff on CBS)

Ahhhh, it’s finally time for the rematch! The Raiders got a W earlier in the season against the team that has owned them for the better part of the last three years, but Kansas City now gets to host the second battle, and it won’t be pretty for the Raiders.

Say what you want about the Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders, but they’re not all that special. Derek Carr benefits from a tremendous offensive line and has two of the best wide receivers in the sport. The Raiders, like the Chiefs, were incredibly lucky in 2016. Teams weren’t expecting Oakland to be as good as they were in 2016 and now they know to watch out for them.

It’s like the KC Chiefs are Derek Carr’s kryptonite.

With the Chiefs posting a 7-5 record in week 14, they have to start winning games and beating good teams. They get their eighth win of the season when they take down the Raiders at Arrowhead late in the season.

Carr has always struggled against the Chiefs, especially at Arrowhead Stadium. It’s like the KC Chiefs are Derek Carr’s kryptonite.

As you can see from the tweet above, Carr played his two worst games of the season against the Chiefs. Before that terrible outing in week 14 in Kansas City, Carr was thought to be a top candidate for the MVP, but was quickly left out of the discussions once he failed miserably in the cold tundra that was Arrowhead that week.

The Chiefs are in the Raiders’ heads and even though Oakland got the first victory earlier in the season, it won’t be pretty for the black and silver in the second outing. Oh, it’s also worth noting that this game is the first of three straight games to be played at Arrowhead. Bring on the W’s, baby!

Prediction: The Chiefs return to making Carr miserable all day long. 27-7, Chiefs.

Standout Player: Alex Smith continues to wreck havoc on the Raiders. He passes for nearly 300 yards, throws for two touchdowns, and rushes for another one. Good day to be Alex Smith!