Kansas City Chiefs: Latest news on the GM search

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Search

George Paton – Vikings Assistant General Manager

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One person who has become a very popular name in GM searches recently is the Vikings George Paton. It makes a lot of sense that the Kansas City Chiefs would be reaching out to him for the current vacancy. Getting someone who already knows the job of a general manager would be a huge plus.

George Paton is going to be an NFL GM at some point in the near future. The question is just a matter of where and when. At one point, Paton was a favorite for the job in San Francisco before it went to John Lynch.

There isn’t much downside to pursuing a guy like George Paton. As an assistant general manager, he’s seen the ropes and knows what he’s doing. The fact that Paton comes from the Vikings is also a plus as many believe that is one of the stronger rosters in the NFL. Lots of things to like about this potential move.

However, it appears that Paton has turned the Chiefs GM position down. Ian Rapoport is reporting that there were “a variety of reasons” why Paton decided not to interview for the job. It would be interesting to know what those reasons are, but we probably won’t get much insight there.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be looking for a top candidate to fill their vacant GM spot. The search may take longer than fans think, and will probably include a number of surprises. However, the Chiefs are still a very strong team and should attract a lot of excellent candidates. There is plenty of reason to be excited about the future.