Kansas City Chiefs: Latest news on the GM search

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Search

Scott Fitterer – Seahawks Co-Director of Player Personnel

If your going to replace someone at a key position, it’s smart to target the best people available. For many, that is co-Director of Player Personnel in Seattle, Scott Fitterer. The up and coming Seahawks front office guy has been a popular name for many when it comes to GM vacancies in recent years. He will now interview in Kansas City.

The biggest plus for Scott Fitterer is that he is credited as being one of the driving forces behind Seattle’s ability to draft well. That is important for the Chiefs because drafting was also considered John Dorsey’s strength. If Kansas City can get similar results there, then the firing of Dorsey should have little effect.

The downside on Fitterer is that he’s young and inexperienced in the other areas of the front office. Being focused on college scouting, Fitterer hasn’t had to do much in the way of contracts and negotiations. That is a major part of what GMs do and, if you believe some reports, the reason why John Dorsey was fired.

Does Scott Fitterer have the experience necessary to be an NFL GM? If not, is he someone who can develop into the role quickly? The Chiefs will have to answer those questions to make this hire.