Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Dilemma: Alex Smith Vs Tyrod Taylor

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback target Tyrod Taylor.
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback target Tyrod Taylor. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports /

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Options

Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about the Kansas City Chiefs going after Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. However, I do expect that to pick up if Buffalo decides to move on from their current starter. It is an odd situation to consider when you factor in that the Bills just signed Taylor to a new deal last year. However, a change in the regime and disappointing results could very well mean that Taylor is on his way out.

Since taking over the starting quarterback job for the Bills in 2015, Tyrod Taylor has built an up and down reputation. There is no denying his natural talents for the position. Taylor has a strong arm and is dangerous with his legs. He is a natural playmaker, but is also very careful with the ball and doesn’t turn it over a lot.

On the negative side, there is a big question as to whether or not Tyrod Taylor has already hit his ceiling. The Bills offense didn’t seem to put too much trust into Taylor’s abilities. However, that may have been a coaching mistake. The young quarterback also hasn’t put up a ton of production, which brings into question just how much of an upgrade he would be.

Tyrod Taylor is standing his ground when it comes to his current contract situation. When asked about his status, Taylor stated “It’s just a sitting-and-waiting game right now.” With a team that explored its other options at the end of last year, that game could go any direction. One of those directions might be Cardale Jones who Bills GM Doug Whaley is said to like.

The Numbers

2013: 1/5 (20%)  2 yds; 0 TDs; 1 INTs;  8 carries 64 yds; 0 TD

2014: 0/0 (N/A)  0 yds; 0 TDs; 0 INTs;  4 carries -3 yds; 0 TD

2015: 242/380 (63.7%)  3,035 yds; 20 TDs; 6 INTs;  104 carries 568 yds; 4 TDs

2016: 269/436 (61.7%)  3,023 yds; 17 TDs; 6 INTs;  95 carries 580 yds; 6 TDs

The Contract

I am a bit surprised the Buffalo Bills seem to be willing to just move on from Tyrod Taylor. However, if they don’t feel he’s the right guy for the job, it’s difficult to project him as the right guy somewhere else. There will also be a contract question as Taylor isn’t going to just settle for anything. So if the Chiefs were to bring him in, they would have to fully buy into him.