Kansas City Chiefs: Five Things To Laugh At The Chargers About

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Kansas City Chiefs
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Need Me To Come Help You Move?

While the Kansas City Chiefs are really good right now, the San Diego Chargers are really bad. How bad? Bad enough that they are about to change cities because nobody will come to their games. The Chargers actually had to simulate crowd noise at practice to get ready for a home game!!! The city of San Diego is voting on measures to “keep the team around”, but every one of them gets crushed in the votes.

To make matters worse, it’s not like there are cities lining up to take the Chargers either! St Louis doesn’t want anyone. Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Mexico City only want the Raiders. It’s bad enough that the Chargers are going to Los Angeles…but ONLY if they can share a stadium complex with the Rams!

Chargers + Rams = 1 NFL Franchise

Awesome guys, way to go! Cities are basically fighting over who DOESN’T get this team. Yeah, Keenan Allen, way to be a part of a winner!

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Hey, there’s nothing wrong with trash talking. It’s a part of all sports, especially the NFL. However, you had better be able to back up what you’re words. Right now, Keenan Allen can’t back up any of the trash he’s talking. Time to shut your thumbs down.