Kansas City Chiefs: First Wave Of Final Cuts Surprise Some Fans

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Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Jamell Fleming
Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Jamell Fleming Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /

Jamell Flemming – DB – 5th season (3rd with Chiefs)

Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs cut Jeron Johnson, Jamell Flemming was also released.  This move closed the door on any veteran player replacing Husain Abdullah.  Flemming was thought to have a real shot at the roster by many because he had converted to safety (much like starter Ron Parker once did).  Yet here we are, and Flemming is gone.

Chalk this up as another good sign for the Chiefs as two corners who played a large role for the Chiefs in 2015 have been sent packing in 2016.  The Chiefs are apparently comfortable with their young stable of corners and safeties.  Hopefully that won’t come back to bite them.

Much like with Jeron Johnson, the release of Jamell Flemming brings into question just what the Chiefs intend to do in the secondary.  With so much youth, I can’t imagine the team goes light at either corner or safety.  However, KC does currently seem poised to do just that.

Jamell Flemming may not get another chance to catch on anywhere.  The last real tape on him is not impressive, and that can kill a journeyman’s career.  Flemming has talent and could be a reliable spot and role defender for someone.  However, teams generally like to fill those kinds of positions with younger players.

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John Dorsey told Kansas City Chiefs fans that this would be a difficult year for cuts, and he wasn’t kidding.  There are a lot of familiar, and surprising, names to be among the first players sent out the door.  That is a great development for the Chiefs as it shows just how much stronger this roster has gotten.  Chiefs fans should be getting excited about the future of this team as the youth movement seems to be overtaking established veterans.