KC Chiefs: Ten Worst Starters In Past Ten Years

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Wow! Wasn’t that fun?!

Hopefully you haven’t thrown your computer out the window from the bad memories surfacing from this list. I also hope that these players make fans more appreciate of the guys playing for the KC Chiefs now. This year’s roster poses a lot of talent and it’d be disappointing to see anything less than a division title and *GASP* a playoff victory!

A lot of the players on this list were offensive players and that’s because, as I mentioned on the first slide, it’s easier to remember bad offensive players. Not only that, but you can easily track back to bad offensive stats. Defensive stats are a little tougher, there’s no blown coverage mentioned on Pro Football Reference or on any other stats site.

I’m sure I left some guys off that a lot of you felt deserving of being mentioned and if so, mention them below! Just remember that players had to start in a minimum of five games to qualify, otherwise this list would have consisted of guys who started one or two games and were then forgotten about. Also, Tyler Palko would have been a shoe-in.

Feel free to sound off in the comments section below. Just keep it friendly please. This is a post I wrote in good fun so please keep that in mind when commenting.

As always, go Chiefs!

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