KC Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft Grade Card: Mitch Morse

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Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey – Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One thing the Chiefs’ GM Dorsey did see in Morse, outside of his ability to keep pass rushers away from his quarterback, is an off-the-field trait that could carry over to the field.

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Morse’s younger brother Robbie suffered a brain injury when he was four months old. Mitch was four at the time, and ever since has helped his parents take care of his younger brother.

The Kansas City Star detailed how Mitch dedicated much of his childhood to not only the game he loves, but making sure Robbie had everything he needed as well. This led him to missing out on some normal activities his friends participated in daily.

Dorsey was quoted as saying it showed what a “selfless” person Morse had to be considering he rarely complained about life not being exactly as planned.

He also loves to say that he and the Kansas City Chiefs often draft the best player available, but, especially if he is used as a center, the Morse pick seems to lean more toward filling a need.

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