2015 NFL Mock Draft: KC Chiefs Get A Steal In First Two Rounds

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Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey – Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The truth is, we can sit here and talk all day and night about how the KC Chiefs are going to go wide receiver in the first round, or the KC Chiefs are going to go offensive line in the first round, but in the end… They could end up drafting a kicker for all we know.

I remember last year, I had recently gotten on board with KC Kingdom and was talking nonstop about how the Chiefs would go with a wide receiver. It just had to happen, but nope. They drafted some guy named Dee Ford, who ran away from Frank Gore in a game last season.

Now to be perfectly honest, I don’t see Kevin White falling all the way to 18. Hell, I don’t see White falling out of the top 10.

The rest of this draft played out pretty realistic though. I think most people would like to see the Kansas City Chiefs get an offensive lineman or wide receiver early on, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to getting a cornerback early.

All in all, should be an interesting few days for KC Chiefs fans everywhere.

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