KC Kingdom Editorial: Should MLB Lift Ban on Pete Rose

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Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Rose denied the gambling allegations for years. Rose, however, finally came clean in 2004. Rose maintains he never placed bets against his team, and the Dowd report did not provide any evidence of Rose betting against his team.

Common sense, at least in my opinion, would deem that any time Rose didn’t bet on his team could be interpreted as a bet against it, but I digress.

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A's slug their way past Kansas City, wins 6-4
A's slug their way past Kansas City, wins 6-4 /

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  • Since that fateful day in August, 1989, Rose has attempted to be reinstated. He requested reinstatement under Commissioner Faye Vincent. Vincent did nothing with it. Rose requested reinstatement under Commissioner Bud Selig. Selig did nothing with it.

    Now MLB has a new Commissioner in Rob Manfred, and on March 16, 2015, Rose requested reinstatement again. Only in this case, Manfred has said he’ll consider it, and have some dialogue with Rose’s people.

    I have no inside knowledge of what Manfred will do with this request for reinstatement. My hunch is that he’s “considering it” only for a PR win. I’d be very shocked if Manfred, the same man who headed up a major investigation into Alex Rodriguez that resulted in a year-long ban and considered a much harsher ban, would overturn the ban on Pete Rose.

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