Fantasy Football Tight Ends: Top 10 You Should Target In 2014

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New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (80) Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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And at #1 is none other than New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham. You probably haven’t watched NFL football for a while if you expected anyone besides Graham to be at the top of this list.

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In 2013, Graham lead the Saints in receptions, receiving yards, and total touchdowns. Graham had 16 total touchdowns. The closest players after that had five total touchdowns each.

Graham is also the only tight end on this list that isn’t really even a tight end. Graham argued that this offseason in order to score some extra money, but the NFL ruled that he is technically still a tight end. But make no mistake, Graham plays like a slot receiver. He runs all sorts of routes, and he gets looks all over the field, especially in the end zone.

Graham thrives in an environment like New Orleans, where Drew Brees and Co. throw all the time. Graham has finished as a Top 2 tight end for the last three seasons, and there is almost no chance that changes anytime soon. Graham is the only tight end worth taking in the first or second round, and I would highly suggest doing so if the timing is right.