Kansas City Chiefs Need Improvements To Reach The Super Bowl

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Defensive tackle Dontari Poe  (92) Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


There is a good chance Tyson Jackson‘s time as a Chief is at an end. Jackson has worked hard to improve over the years but he just isn’t as good of a defensive end as the Chiefs need.

With Dontari Poe taking gigantic steps forward in his development in 2013, it would be extremely helpful if Dorsey could sign or draft a pass rushing end to help Poe with the inside pass rush.

Teams were able to counter against Kansas City’s incredible outside pass rush, and a lack up pressure from the inside allowed quarterbacks to remain in the pocket, and deliver passes before Tamba Hali and Justin Houston could get to them.

More pressure from the defensive line could be huge in reducing the time the defensive backs have to hold coverage. A compliment to Poe could give the Chiefs a dangerous inside/outside pass rush that re-establish them as a top defensive unit.

Jackson was a hard worker who was effective against the run, but he offered very little help in getting to the quarterback. He made nearly $8 million in 2013. That money could be used to sign a pass rushing defensive end.

There are other positions that need improving on the Chiefs roster but none are as pressing as these four. Whether it is through free agency or the draft, or maybe re-evaluating how present personnel is being used, the Kansas City Chiefs need to make serious upgrades at these positions for the 2014 season if they hope to win a playoff game, and contend for Super Bowl 49.