Kansas City Chiefs Need Improvements To Reach The Super Bowl

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Kansas City Chiefs strong safety Eric Berry  (29) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Eric Berry is a proven commodity at safety but much like Flowers at corner, he needs help on the opposite side. Of all the positions on this list, safety may be the one that the Chiefs may have an upgrade over Kendrick Lewis and Quintin Demps already on the roster.

Husain Abdullah came on at the end of the season, and with a full year under his belt after taking 2012 off, he may be able to fill this spot. From a physical standpoint, Sanders Commings or Marcus Cooper might be able to make the transition from cornerback to safety, and be an improvement for Kansas City.

Again, the Seahawks used two bruising, athletic safeties to wreak havoc on offenses all season. Berry is very good in run support and can be effective on the safety blitz but he needs to have an effective partner deep in the secondary to help out the corners.

A big, physical, athletic safety would also take some pressure off Berry when it comes to covering some of the tight ends in the AFC West. While the the Chiefs really need to get better at this position, there is a chance they can improve just be examining their current roster, and maybe deciding that certain players may be more suited to play safety in the NFL rather than cornerback.