5 Most Important Kansas City Chiefs in 2013

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback

Alex Smith

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2- ALEX SMITH: Since Trent Green‘s days as a Chiefs, quarterback play has suffered through inconsistency and incompetence. One of the first moves made by Dorsey and Reid was to go get an experienced, talented field general. They got their man in Alex Smith. He has offered a steadying influence of the offense, while protecting the ball.

In his first 15 games as a Chief, he has played pretty well in most of them. In only 3 games has his Passer Rating been below average, and he has rated over 90 six times, including a perfect Rating (158.3) against Oakland on December 15th. He finished the season with 23 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and 7 fumbles in 15 games. Compare that to Matt Cassel‘s stats from 2012 – 9 games, 6 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and 6 fumbles.

There is no wonder Kansas City was so bad in 2012, and why they have made such huge strides forward in 2013. Just the mere fact Smith can protect the football is huge. (For the record, Cassel played in 9 games for the Vikings this year and threw 11 touchdowns and turned the ball over 11 times.)

Smith also threw for more yards this season (3,313) than any Chiefs quarterback since Green in 2005 (4,014). Stability and production are keys. Smith’s 431 rushing yards are just gravy.

While it can be frustrating when Smith refuses to throw the ball down field, the positives he brings to this team have far, far out weighed any negatives. He has been terrific and deserves to be recognized for his stellar play.