De'Anthony Thomas to the House: 80-Yard Punt Return (GIF)

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De’Anthony Thomas was an intriguing player to Kansas City Chiefs fans since his selection in the fourth round in this year’s draft. He was drafted as a running back, but right away many fans knew he’d be filling the shoes of former Chiefs offensive weapon Dexter McCluster, who left for Tennessee during free agency.

Thomas will likely be used in a various amount of roles, hence the title of an offensive weapon. He can run the ball, catch the ball, and most importantly, return punts, which he proved to be very good at Thursday night.

Thomas came to play on against the Bengals in Kansas City’s first preseason game on a punt return. Take a looky-loo below. Video compliments of

At 5’9″ and 170 some pounds, Thomas is the perfect size for a prime punt returner. He’s small, but fast as hell. Thomas avoided contact at the beginning and then just took off.

He wasn’t touched for the last what, 60 some yards of that return? No Bengals defender even came close to stopping him.

The Chiefs dominated on special teams last year with McCluster and running back Knile Davis returning kicks and punts. It’s hard to repeat having a good special teams squad back to back years, but De’Anthony Thomas is going to make sure the Chiefs have just that.

Aside from that play, Thomas wasn’t involved in much action. Hell, he could have taken the rest of the night off for all I care because that return was AWESOME.

Overall, the Chiefs had a decent night and came out victorious 41-39 over the Bengals. Yeah, it’s just preseason, but still. We got to see a lot of potential from the young guys on the Kansas City Chiefs squad, which is a good sign for the future of the franchise. De’Anthony Thomas will be one of those young guys leading the pack in 2014.

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