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Kansas City Royals: The Deafening Silence

Thursday will arguably go down as the biggest trade deadline day in the history of baseball. Multiple teams, multiple All-Stars, multiple deals were happening all over the league.

Except in Kansas City.

Jon Lester, David Price, Yoenis Cespedes, John Lackey, Allen Craig, Austin Jackson and Asdrubal Cabrera are just some of the names that were dealt in today’s trading frenzy. It was something akin to the Duke brothers on the floor of the NYSE.


Except in Kansas City.

Dayton Moore and the powers that be felt the Royals didn’t really need to do anything. No buying. No selling. There was a deafening silence coming from 1 Royal Way.

So, here we are. The Kansas City Royals are the same team they were yesterday. The organization is in the same state of limbo they were in yesterday.

Once the 3pm trade deal passed, Ruben Amaro, Jr., the Philadelphia Phillies’ GM, criticized other GMs for not being aggressive enough. Granted, the Phillies didn’t make any trades, either. But the fact that Marlon Byrd was out there and Dayton Moore wasn’t able to come up with enough to get him? Unacceptable.

I’m not pretending that Marlon Byrd would have solved all of the Royals’ problems. That’s not the point.

It’s absolutely baffling the Royals would stand pat this year. This year, of all years. The year that you targeted the minute you traded two highly touted prospects for James Shields.  This was the year you were targeting.

By not adding a player or two to get better, they’re essentially telling the fans that their organizational strategy for 2014 is hope. Nothing more than hope. They hope their existing players get better in the last two months than they’ve been for the first four months of the season.


Instead of signing players to show people that postseason is an actual priority, the choice was to hope. Because it’s worked so well for the past 29 years.

Some people may see this as the last straw. This will make season ticket holders (myself included) not want to renew for next year. Why should we? They’re giving us no reason to have faith that anything will ever change. As long as the Glass family is making money, there is no reason to change the status quo.

It simply illustrates the Royals organization’s belief that the fan base is nothing more than a bunch of suckers.

The trade deadline came and went for the Royals and nary a sound could be heard. Yes, that deafening silence you heard from the Royals was all we needed to know about the franchise. That deafening silence you heard was the Royals’ hope. The hope their players magically get better and the hope that you keep buying tickets.

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