Sep 15, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) hands off to running back Jamaal Charles (25) in the second half against the Dallas Cowboys at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City won the game 17-16. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

KC Chiefs: Who’s More Important To The Offense?

The KC Chiefs were one injury away last season from free falling out of contention. Most everyone would agree that it was Jamaal Charles who was the most crucial part to the 2013 offense but, as we saw in the playoff game in Indianapolis, is that truly the case?

Jamaal Charles went down early in the first quarter of the game and it was almost as if the offense didn’t skip a beat. Alex Smith was poised, throwing for 378 yards and 4 touchdowns while Knile Davis did one hell of a job on the ground. Davis carried the ball 18 times for 67 yards and a touchdown, while also hauling in 7 passes for 33 yards and a receiving touchdown. (stats via ProFootballReference)

While I’m not dismissing anything from what Jamaal Charles means to the Chiefs offense, (he lead the team in rushing and receiving) I’m simply asking if it would be a bigger loss to lose to Jamaal or Alex Smith?

We did get a sample size of what backup quarterback, Chase Daniel, could bring to the table in the in the absence of Smith, as he worked over the starting defense of San Diego in week 17 of last season.

I guess the real question is there is, how confident would you be in Daniel to get the Chiefs to the playoff’s in the absence of Smith for the whole season?

To me, it seems like the Chiefs could still win games with Knile Davis carrying the load while Smith is still under center as opposed to Daniel, or any back up qb, with Jamaal in the backfield.

Alex Smith is coming off a career year in which he threw for 3,313 yards, 23 TD’s and only 7 interceptions and he did so with a minimal Dwayne Bowe, a drop happy Donnie Avery and an un-healthy tight end group. Not to mention his ability to make plays with his feet that came in handy in several games.

Then again, where would the Chiefs have been without Jamaal Charles almost 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 19 td’s?

Who knows, but it raises that question again, if Jamaal went down, would the Chiefs be okay as long as Alex Smith was healthy and Knile Davis as well? Or would the Chiefs be okay without Smith and a healthy Charles?

It’s an interesting question and hopefully, we won’t ever have to find out! Having both of them healthy is the idea and hopefully it stays that way (Injury free is the way to be).

So what say the readers? Who is more important to the success of the offense, Jamaal Charles or Alex Smith?

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  • Juiced

    Jamaal going down did actually affect us more. While viewing the game it was incredibly exciting BUT because of us having no charles we were forced to pass ALOT and AS11 did I wonderful job of that. The only issue we had was we couldn’t run the clock in the second half without a running game. We were rarely on offense in the second half and it really opened the door for the colts to come back and beat us. If we would have had charles or even knile (cuz he went down also) we would have been able to eat up clock and win that playoff game.

  • Reggie Flenory

    Is that even a fair question chase daniels and the secomd team played sd starters last yr and nearly beat em no Jc or a11 they both mean equally as much we cannot afford to have either one out for to long

    • Josh Michaels

      Agreed, we need them both but it’s still an interesting question.

    • Suzi Conger

      Comparing the two boltz’ games last season is interesting Reggie; Alex-led offense put up solidly more points than chase-led offense, BUT, our ‘seconds D’ held-down the boltz rivers-offense SUBSTANTIALLY better than our ’1st’s’ Defense in game 1…. So, what than means, is the following; we should definitely have our Alex-led offense as 1st’s/starters and our ’2nd’s Defense’ as our first-team starters. We would have defeated boltz both games, lol (just half-kidding :-)

  • Tom Sparks

    This is a great question that I have recently pondered myself! Could not help but chimr in.
    I already knew JC’s importance to this team, after the shake-up of the privious year. And we now see what a GOOD GM/HC can bring to a team. Thier addition of Alex Smith was the RIGHT one, even considering the draft picks we gave up.
    No one could honestly say that they saw the Chiefs performing the way they did, before the first regular season game.
    Chemistry is the key, which really made me come to the conclusion: This question is moot.
    Why? In the real NFL world, coaching, GM, front office is the key. Ownership being the final important ingredient.
    All the ??? last year. All the surprises###
    The QB (which we hadn’t had since Trent Green) RB combo is soooo important. But to divide and ask individual importance ??’s is, IMHO, a misnomer.
    I will keep my focus on HC/GM/Owner success & competancy.
    Clark Hunt listened to Chiefs Nation, his mentors, & the tradition of his father’s vision! For that, I am so glad to say our future looks bright, as morbidly rabid, crazed, but cerebral KC Chiefs Fans if a Kingdom whose time has come….
    That being said; JC is Superman!

    All the ??? last year. Who could percieve

    • Josh Michaels

      Great comment

      • Tom Sparks

        THX Josh! Great read by you…
        I would really love to see Tyler Bray have to go in, due to injury..etal, after Alex has been here a couple of more years (if they can agree to a deal?) & be the F QB everybody wants see! You just never know, ala Tom Brady.
        I just want to see a true pocket passer with an arm! I think if they can get him signed, with Smith’s leadership intangables & Reid’s help & direction, it could happen…
        I just loved what I saw of his poise & arm in the last preseason game last season! Big, tough QB with a rocket for an arm! Just needs time to grow up & get his head focused…
        Not knocking Aaron M., he could be a surprise. Just kind Tyler’s arm…
        We shall wait & see!

  • Travis Forsyth

    when first asked this question, Jamaal Charles instantly came to mind but then i started thinking about the playoff game and the fact that charles was out the entire game and the chiefs STILL put up 44 points! so with that being said, Alex Smith or really, just a good QB in general, is more important to this offense.

  • Frank Leggio

    Good question, but I think the real issue at hand is “Why don’t we wear the all red uniform more often?” I thought that looked awesome. As a follow on, “What cool nicknames could go with the all red?” The Red Menace, Fire Ants, Red Storm Rising, Big Red????

    • Josh Michaels

      Lol maybe that’s my next article, should they wear red on reds more often?

      • Frank Leggio

        I’m planning to attend the game the first weekend in September. Perhaps we can start a petition for them to wear them that weekend. I’d love to see the red on red in the sea of red.

        • Josh Michaels

          It will have my signature

  • Suzi Conger

    I agree with DerrickJohnson, (during a ’13 locker-room interview). DJ was asked the main reason(s) for Chiefs Historic Turn-Around: “The main reason for our dramatic (team) turn-around unquestionably is Alex Smith and AReid” (in that order) Alex scored 44 PTS vs colts WITHOUT jcharles the whole game, and, without Avery post 79 Yd!! TD pass, and without KDavis in the 2nd half…amazing Dr. Smith. O yea, not to mention Alex executed the Clutch ProBowl Wining TD, thus earning his Rice team-mates an additional $27,000 each . Geez, I almost forgot… Alex ranked #1 NFL QB, because he scored more offensive points/ave/game , at 34 pts/game/ave, than any other QB in nfl ( yes, more than pay-a-ton) in the last 8 games ’13 season, 6th rushing nfl QB (at 5.7 ypca, equal to ck7) , graded #1 QB for converting pressures/collapsed pockets into plays/big plays (PFF)., #1 QBR ’13 Post Season. Etc, Etc…

  • Suzi Conger

    Thanks for the good article, Josh