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Kansas City Royals: Old and Young

The Kansas City Royals won 10 in a row. Now, they’ve won three of their last 10.

The inconsistency is not limited to the players on the field. The Royals have made a couple additions to the squad. They have added an old friend to the roster and they have added a fresh, young face to the roster.

In what could only be termed as a curious move, the Royals front office decided to add Raul Ibanez to their current mix of oil and water. What in the world could this move possibly do to help the Royals win baseball games?

Ibanez is 138 years old.  He’s never won a World Series, so you can’t possibly be signing him for his veteran “leadership” or “experience.” His batting average is .157 this season.  His slugging percentage is .265 this season.

“Our bench is something that we’ve been trying to address,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “Raul obviously can fit there. He can play left field. He can play right field.”

He can?

Dayton’s first baseman is hitting .246. His third baseman is hitting .176. But I think addressing the bench is definitely a good place to start.

Along with the Ibanez transaction, the Royals have also recalled Christian Colon. Colon can play 2B, 3B and SS. Guys getting on base is what the Royals need. Though Colon will not likely provide a boost in the power category, he should be a guy that gets on base.

With Pedro Ciriaco and Justin Maxwell being designated for assignment, the Royals are at least appearing to be active. Not every move needs to be a blockbuster deal. The Ibanez acquisition is puzzling at best, but when taking both moves into account the Royals have improved ever so slightly.

Ciriaco and Maxwell were always just stop gaps. As bizarre as the Ibanez signing is, he’s a left-handed bat that might be able to run into a HR now and then. After 210 games at the AAA level, it was time to see what the 25-year old Colon can do at the big league level. Here’s hoping he can be better than the current situation at third base.

All in all, the young and old additions made by the Royals are small changes to what is sure to be an extremely fluid roster between now and the July 31st trade deadline.

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