Oct 6, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; The Kansas City Chiefs offensive squad huddles in a game against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. The Chiefs beat the Titans 26-17. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

KC Chiefs: 2014 Season Won't Be An Easy One

Not many people had high expectations for the KC Chiefs going into the 2013 season. They were coming off a 2-14 record in 2012 and were the worst team in the NFL that year. After hiring a new head coach in Andy Reid and a new general manger in John Dorsey, the team was looking to get back into the playoff hunt for 2013.

The Chiefs did indeed reach the playoffs last year after an incredible 9-0 start. Things went downhill after the bye week, but it was still an impressive season for Kansas City after playing so poorly in 2012.

Call me pessimistic, but I don’t have a good feeling about this upcoming season. The Chiefs had a good first part of the season last year because they were playing weaker teams, and even then Kansas City still almost blew some of those games. 2014′s schedule calls for much tougher competitors and it will be extremely important for the Chiefs to not lose the so called “easy” games.

This year’s schedule calls for games against the division rivals (two of whom made the playoffs last year and handed Kansas City four of their five regular season losses), Tennessee, Pittsburgh, the AFC East, and the NFC West. Denver and San Diego will give the Chiefs some trouble as will the entire NFC West. Not to mention the Patriots, who are slated for an early season Monday Night game at Arrowhead.

While the schedule is scary, the main thing I’m worried about this season is the defense. Sure, the Chiefs have a terrific crop of linebackers in Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson, and the newly acquired Dee Ford (well, let’s hope that he’s terrific), but the defense had its fair share of problems at the end of the 2013 season.

Another lingering question is what type of offense will show up for the KC Chiefs? Will it be the offense in the first half of the season that couldn’t score if their lives depended on it or will it be the high scoring group of guys from the back half of the year? Obviously I’m hoping for the second option, but you never know.

It’s tough to be confident in the offense when the Chiefs don’t have a legitimate number two receiver. Even their number one receiver isn’t the most reliable guy and it’s scary to think about. Jamaal Charles was the team’s leading receiver in 2013 and he’s the running back. Dwayne Bowe and company need to step it up this year, but that’s a statement that all Chiefs fans are saying.

In my mind, the Chiefs will be lucky if they can finish with eight wins. More are doable obviously, but this schedule is no joke and Kansas City can’t play the way they did last year and expect to make it to the playoffs.

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8 Comments on KC Chiefs: 2014 Season Won’t Be An Easy One

  1. Michael Lizalde says:

    Would you be worried about the offense if Alex Smith was an elite QB worthy of contact over $100 million? Offensive worries should start at the QB. Lack of confidence in the QB leads to lack if confidence in the offense. No one complains about the lack of receivers Brady, Bree’s, Manning and suck have. Elite QBs make others around them better. Game managers don’t. This season, Alex Smith can prove if he is a game manager, not worthy of a $100 million contract, or an elite QB that is. If KC is going to win a Super Bowl, we need Smith to be elite.

    • Leigh Oleszczak says:

      You’re absolutely right. Well said.

    • TAZMOSIS says:

      Well said. At the beginning of last year, even Tom Brady couldn’t tell you who his receivers were, yet they still had a good year and made the playoffs. The Pats let the QB drive the offense and his receivers grew with Brady. Luck lost his best receiver and turned a rookie into his go-to guy. Name recognition means little when it comes to producing on the field. If Alex Smith is the guy that Reid and Dorsey believe him to be, then this team will have enough offense to have a good year. Will it be enough to get the Chiefs to the playoffs? With the schedule they are looking at, it won’ be easy.

  2. kchief58 says:

    I agree with Mike, take care of your QB,,,the rest will follow. Go Chiefs

  3. David E. Bell says:

    Far too pessimistic “wording” at the very least. Easy? No. Almost Blew? Re-examine the starting place, with player turnover, new HC, new GM, offense, etc.

  4. Stan Colbert says:

    This schedule is killer, no doubt! Last year Chiefs didn’t lose to a team that didn’t make the playoffs! Every team in our division has practically same schedule so wins will be much tougher for everyone. During OTAs there were numerous reports the offense frustrated the defense trying to get turnovers. Good sign for offense who knows! Health and depth could be very important this year, our depth seems very good! I would expect every team in division to have lower win totals but winning the division may be at least as easy as last year.

  5. Reggie Flenory says:

    There are no easy games in the schedule the 2 big keys is gonna be 1 STAYING AS HEALTHY AS POSSIABLE 2.) the defense has got ro keep pressure on the qb so our corners dont have to cover for more than 4 seconds with the addition of dee ford and gaines on defense we should have more youth and speed especially since suttons gonna play a lotta nickle in order to get ford, houston and hali on the field at the same time

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