KC Chiefs: The Rival Players Who Annoyed Us The Most

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courtesy Google images

courtesy Google images

The KC Chiefs have been a franchise since 1963 (not counting the days of the Dallas Texans) giving them over 50 years of memories and players that will never be forgotten.

With that has come some legendary players from their rival teams as well.

There are so many players from the Raiders through the 60′s, Chargers through the 80′s, and, present, and Broncos, well, they’ve always been annoying.

Today, were counting down the top 5 most annoying players the Chiefs have had to face through the years. This list was a ton of fun to do and doing the research and remembering some of the players names would stir up a few good, but mostly bad, memories.

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  • Anthony Poole

    One of my all time annoyances (for some of us old timers) was Raiders SS George Atkinson. A truly dirty player who caused more than his fair share of skirmishes with not only Chiefs, but other teams and players as well. Just ask former Patriots TE Russ Francis (cheap shot, broken nose) or former Steelers WR Lynn Swann (2 cheap shots, one resulting in a concussion)

    • Josh Michaels

      Love the old school name drops! Awesome comment

  • Rex Lajos

    As a Charger fan I can’t help but think that LT was responsible for Rivers success against the division. As soon as Lt was banished from sd I saw an immediate decline in our divisional games. Rivers does study you guys a ton, but Lt did as well and was a dominant force on the field. My two cents.

  • jeffromac23

    My biggest annoyance in the Monday Night Meltdown was Sharpe was he was grabbing and twisting DT’s helmet all day and was never called for it but DT got caught every time he did it back.

  • Bigchief

    Can I have 2#1s Fred Beletnikoff and Shannon sharpe

  • BWrangler

    Could’ve thrown Bill Romanowski in there at any position. Just an all-around dirty individual.

    • Josh Michaels

      He made the honorable mention.. I hated that guy

      • BWrangler

        Well that’s what I get for not reading the last page!

  • Leigh Oleszczak

    Rivers would be my number one personally, but I understand why Elway and Sharpe are so high (believe me, I can’t stand them either).