Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; A Kansas City Chiefs fan and Denver Broncos fan show their support after the game at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won 35-28. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: Which AFC West Team Do You Hate Most?

The AFC West has quickly become one of the best divisions in football, seeing that three teams made the playoffs last year and three of the four starting quarterbacks were voted to the pro-bowl.

Denver has arguably the greatest quarterback of all time under center with Peyton Manning, and made it to the Super Bowl (lol 43-8). The Chargers emerged from the depths with the resurrection of Phillip Rivers, and excellent coaching from first year guy Mike McCoy.

Oakland, well, they were Oakland but, revamped their roster with veterans like Matt Schaub and Maurice Jones-Drew for 2014.

And Kansas City has one of the best head coaches in all of football with Andy Reid, and an intriguing mixture of young emerging talent with guys like Justin Houston and Dontari Poe.

Today, I embedded a poll to determine which AFC West team is hated most among Chiefs fans.

The reason this was brought up again was because of Denver cornerback, Chris Harris Jr. who decided to take to twitter to bash the Chiefs when they parted ways with Brandon Flowers last week.

Ben Nielsen of Arrowhead Addict has the whole thing covered here, and if you have the time, read through the comment section to see how irritating the discussion became.

So, in light of that,  I decided to write this post and get some results. Old timers will tell you that the Raiders are their most hated, while most people within in my generation will say it’s the Broncos without a doubt. Somewhere along the lines, the Chargers fall into place in this as well.

So I ask you, Which AFC West team do you hate the most?

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  • Daniel Riddick


  • Daniel Riddick

    Hate Broncos!!

  • Alex Rodman


  • Travis Forsyth

    Broncos. Can’t say I like the chagers either, I can’t stand Philip Rivers. Love to hate the raiders though, would actually like to see the chiefs and raiders become the two top teams in the AFC kind of like what the seahawks and 49ers are now in the NFC.

  • Josh Rose

    Broncos. Mainly John Elway

  • David Whited

    Broncos make my stomach turn…

  • Kelly Alterman

    Hate Elway, so Broncos

  • A1 Yola

    One of the happiest days of my life was when the Chargers traded Drew Brees! I haven’t worried about the Chargers since then!

  • Joel Wagler

    I don’t like any of them.

  • jimfromkcj

    What a way to show how shallow a football fan can be. Get real folks, it isn’t life and death, just a game played by over aged adolescents for way too much money. Latter day throw them to the Lions game. Kinda reminds me of auto racing fans who swear they don’t go to see the wreaks, but if there is a bad one, they will talk of nothing else about the race but the wreak for weeks on end.


      You sound like your from KCK….

    • Penni Welch

      So I take it you are Not a REAL football fan!!

      • jimfromkcj

        When did hate become a prerequisite for being a fan? A far as I am concerned if I have to hate a player, team or city I wouldn’t want to be named a fan. And I damned sure don’t have to say such a thing to an adolescent to prove my being a fan. I could care less whether you or anyone else thinks I am a fan or not. Most of the haters are hating the Raiders, Broncos and he Chargers because over the years they have had success more than the Chiefs. Elway has beat us so much that some like to call him names, but he just keeps spanking us, not only as a player but as a GM. Some here seem to have selective memorys and forget the Broncos beat us with Tebow at QB before Manning came onboard. And hey will probably be beating us after he is gone. All of those older guys that they picked up wasn’t to beat us, it was to beat the teams they meet in the playoffs.

        • Josh Michaels

          Lol you’re reading into it way too much. I’m not implying that i wish ill will among the city or players or people, just simply stating that we hate the Broncos, Chargers, or Raiders. Sports friendly of course.

          Thanks for reading and commenting!

          • jimfromkcj

            No Josh, I am not reading too much. When you become an editor, it comes with some responsibility to be not only honest, but careful how you present yourself. Many people who follow sports are not the brightest folks and can be easily swayed one way or another. Their lives are intwined around their favorite sports team and players and they take it personally when anyone puts a player down. The player, team or coach and GM can do no wrong. How many so-called fans still think Pioli or Haley were great? How many are saying in Dorsey we trust? Be very careful how you feed the fans as just one misstep and they can turn on you and call you out for not being a fan.

  • Jim Wynne

    Can’t stand the Broncos and still can’t stand elway

  • Andy

    You mean I have to choose? Okay, well, the one we are playing at the time.

  • Leigh Oleszczak

    For me, it really just depends on who the main competition is for the Chiefs each season. The Broncos have been good since they got Manning so obviously I’m going to dislike them the most, but for years it was always the Raiders that I loathed the most.

    As for the Chargers, I never had much of an issue with them until Rivers came along. Drew Brees is my favorite NFL player so once they got rid of him (and I understand why they did) it was easier to start hating them. Plus, one of my friends is a Chargers “fan” and all he does is talk crap when the Chargers do something good. He’s never saying anything when they suck though. Funny how that works.

  • Tom Sparks

    Always been a Raider Hater, but also loathe the Donks! Now that Al Davis has inherited the keys of Hades, it just not the same Raiders without the pajama clad mad librarian at the helm.
    It has to be the Broncos, now!
    I have never cared for the full-fur coated (this one’s for John) Pat Bowlen. And now that John (horsehead) Elway is part owner, it just makes Pile Higher’s that much more easy to loathe! They must have ties with the NFL Underground Syndicate, the way they seem to throw $$$ around & sign so many high cost, blue chip, Free Agents each year! I can smell the stench 600 miles away now, the BS is piled up so high……….

  • Joel

    I hate Philip Rivers more than Peyton thats a given