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Kansas City Chiefs Player Profile: Dee Ford

The NFL regular season is right around the corner and with that, KC Kingdom is providing you with a player profile up until week one kick off. Today’s featured player is 2014 first round draft choice Dee Ford.

How did Dee Ford end up as a Kansas City Chief? 

As mentioned above, Ford was Kansas City’s first round selection in this year’s draft. He was taken with the 23rd overall pick. Fans seemed a bit surprised when Roger Goodell called Ford’s name at the podium, mainly because it seemed like the Chiefs were set at the defensive end position. Ford signed his contract with Kansas City a few weeks ago and is officially a member of Chiefs Kingdom.

2013 stats

Obviously Ford doesn’t have any NFL stats, but he had an impressive senior season with the Auburn Tigers. He recorded 29 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles during his final season as a Tiger.


While many fans seemed upset with the selection of Ford, I was excited about it. You honestly can’t have too many good defensive players on a roster and I think Ford will be a great addition to Kansas City’s defense.

The only negative part is that drafting Ford might lead to a difficult task of having to cut ties with Tamba Hali after the upcoming season. For the time being though, it should be nice to see Ford learn from some incredible defensive players and hopefully he’ll pick up on how to destroy opposing offenses.

Oh and fun fact – Dee Ford originally chose to wear number 90 and then switched to 55. Why is that important you ask? Well number 55 is the number that Derrick Thomas wore during his years at Alabama.

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  • Reggie Flenory

    Who said hali was going anynwhere hes gonna be 31 hell probley take a pay cut and retire a chief

    • Wes McDougal

      I hope your right

      • Reggie Flenory

        Hes (hali) gonna be 31 thisnyr and make 9 mill hes not gonna get that type of money any where if you have listened to his interviews understands that he is in the backside of his career as long as we pay him respectfully (not 9mill) he will stick around cuz we need as many pass rushers as possiable

    • superman_25_58

      This is my hope as well

  • Daniel Riddick

    They better not get rid of hali. OK say like they do get rid of hali because they brought in ford, well what sense does it make? ? So instead of having three pass rushers, your willing to get rid of one, how is that helping the team? If anything your back to square one. No addition was realistically made. You just exchanging, that’s all it is. You need three pass rushers not two, IF you want a serious defense. Keep Hali, keep Houston, keep Ford and let’s get a championship already. You gotta spend money to get money.

    • Reggie Flenory

      Totally agree

      • CentralRobert

        I’ve been thinking the same thing. Hali likes here and will accept a pay cut and reduced playing time. Considering his life experiences I doubt that he wants to go find a new team and city.

    • CSconce

      You save a lot of cap space to use elsewhere to build up the team, and get younger and faster. I would love to see Hali stay, just don’t know how realistic an option that will be as he will likely get some crazy high offers that we can’t match.

    • Bdiddy

      Preface: I love Hali, I think he is a great player…that having been said, his age was showing as the year wore on in 2013. As much as I love him, I hate to say it, but I think he is running on fumes.

      As far as having three pass rushers, well, they are all edge rushing specialists…OLB’s, not one of them would fare very well if they lined up inside, especially the old guy (who, based on build, would be the prime candidate to do so). So…I believe the only time you would see all three on the field would be if two were on the edge and the third was lined up behind in a blitzing capacity.

  • Daniel Riddick

    With them three guys right there, the backfield should be great.

    • CentralRobert

      I think it’s a workable situation, and we the depth. A players career isn’t over until he can’t help the team. And if he does accept a crazy offer or not restructure we do have to let him go. Pioli overpaid too many players and coming back to bite us. Also Dorsy wasn’t too thrifty last year – him and AR wanted turn it around before the year of the monster schedule.