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Babies + Football = Your Kansas City Chiefs

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So you may be asking yourself, what exactly do babies and football have in common?

Well to quote the wise words of Forrest Gump, “…you never know what you’re gonna get” and that exactly sums up the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs. These boys are a hard team to decipher. Its seems that this has been an off-season of additions and subtractions which leaves one unsure of whether they done enough in the off-season thus far.

On one hand, you have a team with lots of pro bowlers scattered on both sides of the ball but on the other you have a much tough schedule playing against the NFC  West, the New England Patriots and their usual opponents in the much improved AFC West.

They were able to keep the same coaching staff which will provide continuity but questions remain at the wide receiver spot as well as the offensive and defensive line due to key losses.

This is a team that lost 3 starters in Branden Albert, Jon Asomoah and Geoff Schwartz on the O-line and one of their starting defensive end’s in Tyson Jackson. Nevertheless they drafted two offensive linemen and seem to have upgraded the defensive end spot with the signing of Vance Walker.

It’s tough to say but if you ask me I think they have addressed the most pertinent issues at hand via the draft and have significantly improved their pass rush and secondary.

As long as Andy Reid works his magic on the offensive side of the ball I think the Chiefs will be a better team in 2014 and they should finish the year at 10-6 and make a strong push in the playoffs. Who knows call me an eternal optimist but maybe with another year or two of solid drafts the Chiefs will finally win another Super Bowl…

So KC Kingdom will the Chiefs improve in 2014 or will they regress back to their pre-2013 days???

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