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Rex Hudler Says The Moon Is A Planet (Video)

Rex Hudler, television broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals, recently insisted that the Moon is a planet. By definition, a planet is a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star. The moon, is the earth’s natural satellite, and, to expose one’s buttocks to (someone) in order to insult or amuse them. Maybe that’s why Hudler got confused on what a moon is?

As the TV cameras were capturing a gorgeous shot of a full moon over Kauffman stadium on Tuesday night, Ryan Lefebvre had mentioned that it should be mandatory for broadcasts to show a full moon if it appears over a baseball game. Well, the conversation that followed will likely haunt Hudler for a long time.

HUDLER: “I like that rule, It’s a beautiful planet

LEFEBVRE: “Well, it’s a moon..”

HUDLER: “It looks like a planet to me.”


HUDLER: “Well Tomorrow is school day at the K”

LEFEBVRE: “Maybe they can cover the whole star, planet and moon concept”

HUDLER: “That might be good. I think I might need to be refreshed- I guess”

Absolutely hilarious stuff. Lefebvre went on to joke with Hudler saying “You know, we landed on the planet moon back in, well..” Hudler isn’t exactly a fan favorite around KC and this just adds to the mix. Sure, Hudler says some rather idiotic things during the broadcasts, but surely he isn’t this dumb.

When I first saw this clip, I immediately thought of that scene in Star Wars, when Luke Skywalker claims that the death star looks like a small moon.. Wonder if Rex had this in mind when he was speaking?

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