Auburn Tigers defensive end Dee Ford (30) Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Reaction To Kansas City Chiefs First Pick, Dee Ford

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Auburn defensive end, Dee Ford, on Thursday night, the reaction was mixed amongst Chiefs fans.


Now don’t get too bent out of shape Chiefs fans, Dee Ford has tremendous upside and his selection just proves how important pass rushers are to Bob Sutton’s scheme.


So what does this mean? It most likely means that this is Tamba Hali’s final season in Kansas City. He’s on the back half of his career and is slated to make $12 million in 2015. That just isn’t going to happen. Now, there is a chance that Hali stays a Chiefs the rest of his career and that’s if he’s willing to take a significant pay cut.

As far as Dee Ford goes, I think it’s a solid pick that has a lot of logic behind it. Besides Hali’s future, Ford will bring so many more packages to the Chiefs defense, especially in passing situations. Ford could be the stand up linebacker and allow Hali to line up anywhere along the line of scrimmage. And don’t forget about Dontari Poe, the lines they face can’t double team all of them.

All I have to say is give this guy a chance before calling it a wasted pick. I remember tossing my nice straw fedora hat across a beautiful hotel lobby in Cancun, Mexico when the Chiefs drafted Dontari Poe in 2012. I was dead wrong and couldn’t be happier with that pick now.

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8 Comments on Reaction To Kansas City Chiefs First Pick, Dee Ford

  1. BobbyP says:

    First thought, double to left center, hopefully a foot higher for a home run ยก

  2. Stacy D. Smith says:

    Anyone who thinks it’s a wasted pick simply doesn’t know much about Dee Ford. He’s one of the best pure passrushers in this draft class (maybe THE best). 10.5 sacks in his final season at Auburn and he missed games! He was THE story of the Senior Bowl the entire week (went on to be MVP).

    I was a bit disappointed in where they took him, but this kid is a hell of a football player. Couple that with the fact that Hali’s on his way out and this makes a LOT of sense.

    • Cindy Pinnick-Hendrix says:

      I’m with you. I also think it was move to keep Denver from taking him.He is the kind of guy Denver likes to take

  3. tazer15 says:

    I believe this guy was going to go early in the first round before he was hurt and held out of the combine.He was eventually forgotten about because of the Clowney hype.I think as far as #23 goes we got a steal.We cant have too much pressure up front how many times last year did we need that.Good pick

  4. Leigh Oleszczak says:

    Love the pick. Also, did you really own a fedora at one time?

  5. Cindy Pinnick-Hendrix says:

    Very smart pick. It is the Dorsey way build thru the draft and the next man up concept. Ford will replace Hali as the next man up. Also cap move. Hali is due big money in 2015.

  6. Jim Wynne says:

    I was somewhat disappointed at first with a corner and wide out still there but since I’ve had time to think bout it I’m on board Dorsey and Reid have my vote of confidence whatever that’s worth

  7. PunjabiPete says:

    Dontari Poe was a beast. Dontari Poe IS a beast. I’ve never heard of Dee Ford, which doesn’t mean much because I don’t watch much college ball, but I’m a little annoyed that KC seems to always be in cloak and dagger “Let’s fake everyone out” mode and pick someone that makes everyone go “Whaaa?!”… I hope Ford pans out, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach, but would have been much more excited to pick up a good wideout (and no, I don’t know which wideout would have been better than Dee Ford)

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