Kansas City Chiefs Throw Back Thursday: October 31st, 2004 Chiefs vs. Colts

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Hash tag TBT (throw back Thursday) has become an internet phenomenon over the past few years and we here at KC Kingdom have started partaking in the popular tradition via the Kansas City Chiefs. Each week, we’ll throw you back to a different Chiefs player, coach, or event that deserves a trip down memory lane.

This week I decided to choose a moment, rather than a player. Do you guys remember Sunday, October 31st 2004? I sure do, as the Chiefs and Colts met at Arrowhead stadium in one of the most memorable games in recent history. I attended this game with my pops in some great lower level seats, thanks to my sis. Thanks Sis!

Fresh off of the “No Punt Game”, Peyton Manning and the Colts rolled back into town looking to down the Chiefs for the second year in-a-row. The Chiefs had other plans in mind.

After a quick, 52 yard touchdown pass from Manning to Marvin Harrison in the first quarter, we knew that the Colt were ready to play, and this game had no punt written all over it.

The Chiefs answered with a beautiful six play drive that ended with a 21 yard touchdown pass from Trent Green to Tony Gonzalez. Man was that combo good! I remember the Colts not having an answer for Tony G in this game, as most teams across the league didn’t his whole career.

After a stalled drive from the Colts to end the first quarter, Kansas City got the ball at the start of the second, ending with another beautiful drive orchestrated by Trent Green that resulted in a seven yard touchdown pass to Johnnie Morton. The Chiefs went up quick, 14-7.

After another stalled drive by the Colts, Kansas City got the ball back and Trent Green handed off to Priest Holmes on a 21 yard run that ended in a touchdown. No one, and I mean no one, ran the draw play better than that offense for those two years. With Willie Roaf, Will Shields, Brian Waters, and Casey Weigman leading the way, the Chiefs offense could’ve been used in a text book on how to run the draw. Oh the glory days, but moving on.p holmes

The Chiefs would finish with a strong second quarter, scoring 24 points to the Colts lone touchdown from Manning to Marcus Pollard. Chiefs lead 31-14 at half time.

At this point, it felt like the rout’ was on and the Chiefs were ready to strike vengeance upon the team that knocked them out of the playoffs just months before. But fasten your seat belts folks, this game had tons of life left in it.

The Colts opened the second half with a nice drive that ended with a 22 yard touchdown pass from Manning to Marvin Harrison. I mean the drive went so smooth for the Colts, you got that feeling that the Colts could turn this around quick. After one of four fumbles from the Chiefs on the day, the Colts got the ball back and scored quick again, this time it was Reggie Wayne on a 44 yard strike from Manning.

After the third quarter, the Chiefs still had the lead but barely, 31-28.

Kansas City struck first in the fourth, finishing off an 11 play drive with a one yard Priest Holmes touchdown, giving KC the 10 point lead, 38-28.

Priest finished the day with  32 carries for 132 yards and three touchdowns. Holmes was so good that day catching the ball as well, hauling in three receptions for 82 yards, finishing second on the team in receiving for the day. I miss watching that offense so much.

On this day though, no lead was safe as this was the Chiefs vs. Colts after all. Manning put together an eight play, 76 yard drive that only took 2:58 off the clock and ended with Manning’s 5th touchdown of the day and Reggie Wayne’s second. Chiefs still lead 38-35.

Kansas City was desperate for a game clinching drive, as it was looking like it would come down to the final possession. The Chiefs finished with 590 yards, the Colts with 505 — the third-highest single-game total in NFL history. I’d say that’s the definition of a shootout.

Gonzalez dunks football


So, with Arrowhead at its feet, Trent Green and the Chiefs offense took to the field looking for a drive that could put the game away.

With 3:10 left on the clock, Green completed a touchdown pass to Tony G of 14 yards. His 5-for-5 performance on Kansas City’s last scoring drive was crucial, and his 14 straight completions in the first half was one short of Len Dawson‘s franchise record. Green was clutch.

Kansas City took the ten point lead 45-35, but, there was still a sense that the game was not over with just over three minutes on the clock. If Manning could somehow get a quick score- field goal or touchdown- the Colts still had a chance.

After a few quick throws that got the Colts within Chiefs territory, Manning fired a pass across the middle that resulted in a Greg Wesley interception. Game over. Arrowhead erupted, as Manning walked off the field shaking his head with his hands in the air. It was such an amazing game to attend and be a part of.

To this day, I still say that is the best Chiefs game I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to some good one’s in my day.

Unfortunately though, that would be the last time the Chiefs would beat the Colts to this point. So many frustrating losses to them before, and after that 2004 game including this last January’s gut check, but we wont get into that.

Chiefs vs. Colts 2004 deserved to be the throw back post this week because it had everything your looking for in an NFL game. Tons of offense, tons of drama, and a rematch of a bitter rivalry. So do any of our readers remember this game or were any of you in attendance? If so, please comment below!

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