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Around The Kingdom: Salvador Perez, NFL Draft, Trading Down, and Home Runs



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On Arrowhead Addict, Ben Nielsen explores the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs trading down in next month’s 2014 NFL Draft. I think if the opportunity arises, the Chiefs should seriously considering moving down of it means acquiring more picks in the second and third round. The Chiefs have too many holes for just 6 picks. They might be able to pick up 2 starters instead of one by trading down. Of course, the opportunity may not even present itself.

Salvador Perez is in the midst of a horrible slump. Ned Yost should really be giving him a day off sooner rather than later. David Hill of Kings of Kauffman discusses this very thing. Since the Royals’ have a day game after a night game on Thursday, Yost should just go ahead and give him a game off in the meantime. No one says it as to be the day game he gets off.

On Arrowhead Pride, a fanpost by NigerianNightmare talks about the chances that the Chiefs choose to bolster their offensive line with the 23rd overall pick. The Chiefs lost 3 big pieces of their line from 2013 to free agency. There is going to be some shuffling, and it is not out of the realm of possibility Kansas City goes for another big guy for the trenches in the first round.

RoyalsRetro on Royals Review goes into the Royals’ inability to hit home runs, this year and every other year. Pay special attention to the table included in the this article. Not only have the Royals been out homered 561 to 825 since 2004, but they have also been out homered 693 to 957 on the road.

Why can’t the Royals develop any power? At one time or another, we have been told Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas were 30-homer guys. Well, do you know what? Only Butler has even come close – 0nce – with 29 in 2012. It is obviously an organizational thing. This is an outstanding article, and well worth the time for all Royals’ fans.

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