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Around The Kingdom: Teddy Bridgewater, Royals Moves, Songs, Star Wars



Kansas City is one of the best sports towns in the country, and KC Kingdom has a lot of fun bringing you news from around the area for our professional and collegiate teams.

Few fans are as passionate about their teams than Kansas City fans, whether it is making Arrowhead Stadium the loudest outside venue in the world, or filling up Sporting Park each match, or being Royal in Kauffman Stadium. The area also supports three of the most passionate college fan bases in the country.

Each morning, we will try to bring you some news from around our sports kingdom, in addition to the news, information, editorials, and analysis KC Kingdom already provides.

We may also pass along an interesting post or two from around the world wide web, just for fun.

We hope enjoy the news from Around The Kingdom. Happy reading!

The Kansas City Royals continue to mismanage their MLB roster, as David Hill points out on Kings of Kauffman. There is no reason for them to have promoted Justin Marks. This team needs a middle infielder or a center fielder, at the very least, more so than Justin Marks.

Hunter Samuels also questions recent moves by the Royals in a broader sense on KoK.

More on Teddy Bridgewater from Nicholas Alan Clayton on Arrowhead Addict. Does anyone really think he is going to fall to the Kansas City Chiefs with the 23rd pick? No? Me neither. Dan Zinski of The Viking Age thinks the Vikings will snag him at the 8th pick, or maybe even trade down to get him.

However the circumstance came about, it now seems highly likely that Bridgewater will be available at #8. The Vikings might even be able to trade down a little and still take him.

Jason Tarwater of Pine Tar Press gives us the breakdown of the 2 songs we will be voting on for the 6th inning song the weekend. While Royals’ fans are definitely survivors, Kansas City / Hey! Hey! Hey! gets my vote in this match up of classics.

Are you a fan of the Star Wars movies? Excited about Episode VII? Get all the latest news and info from FanSided’s Dorksideoftheforce.com. Really, can we have enough Star Wars news?

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