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Around The Kingdom: Andrew Wiggins, Billy Butler, Teddy Bridgewater, and Tiger Woods



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Gary Bedore of the Lawrence Journal World, and KuSports.com, reported that Andrew Wiggins won the Danny Manning “Mr. Jayhawk” award for this past season. It will be the only season in which Wiggins and fellow freshman Joel Embiid will suit up for the Jayhawks, as both opted for the 2014 NBA Draft. While both will be missed, it is hard to really miss players who were part of your team for so short of a time.

On Kings of Kauffman, David Hill is of the opinion that it is time to move Billy Butler down in the line-up. I would be in favor of swapping Salvador Perez and Billy Butler until the latter finds his stroke, as David suggests.

Fortunately for the Royals, for as cold as Butler has been, they have someone that has been equally hot with the bat. Salvador Perez, despite batting directly in front of Moustakas, has been the Royals best hitter this season. Even with minimal protection, Perez still leads the American League in doubles, and is in the top ten in batting average, on base percentage and OPS+.

Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Prides asked an intriguing question. If Teddy Bridgewater were to drop and still be available when the Chiefs select, should Kansas City take him. My answer is if John Dorsey and Andy Reid think he can be a franchise quarterback, then yes. If not, then take a game changing wide receiver.

RoyalsRetro on Royals Review reports the Royals are interested in Joel Hanrahan. Other than a super cool first name, I just don’t see what Joel Hanrahan has to offer Kansas City.

Finally, the on excellent golf site Pro Golf Now, Les Bailey takes on interesting look at how Tiger Woods fits into the national golf scene now. It is a very entertaining read. Check it out.

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  • berttheclock

    One and done types should be excluded from that award. I stand with Bobby Knight when he says 12 teams of the NBA should be disbanded and the one and done rule should be changed to an if or meaning, should a HS player opt for the NBA, let him go, but, if he doesn’t make it, so be it. However, if a player opts for college, he has to stay 3 years. The NBA has too many Community College teams which are walk overs for the remaining 20 teams. I live in the Greater Portland area and I am sick of the Oregonian printing two thirds of their on-line addition with nothing but Blazers threads. I have tried to follow them, only due to Thomas Robinson being on the team, but, the NBA style really sickens me. Far too much clear out for one on one by a star, far too little of solid defensive play.

    Now, what I would love to see is the A’s moving north to the Portland area, where we could have an I-5 rivalry with the M’s. I was a junior in HS when the A’s came to KC and I left for California before they left for Oakland. So, I had no animosity against them for the move, although Charlie could have picked a better financial town for them as the Giants OWN the Bay Area. My feelings for them remained. Had I remained in KC, I suppose I would bleed more blue of the Royals and far less of the Green and Gold with a bit of Wedding Gown White for the A’s.

    • Joel Wagler

      Agreed – system is broken. Kids should take the money and run when they are going to be high draft picks.

    • Coachbulldog

      I’ve no problems with one-and-done players in college basketball. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone with a stake in college basketball; coaches, shoe companies, television networks, the NCAA, and of course the player that will be drafted and receive millions of dollars whether he’s a successful player or not. What about the spirit of college athletics and academic integrity? I guess I should have wrote one-and-done is beneficial to anyone financial stake in college basketball.