Kansas City Royals: Three Reasons Not To Panic

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Kansas City Royals starting pitcher James Shields (33) Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


The Kansas City Royals are coming off a horrific three-games series in which they were swept by the Minnesota Twins. Fans seem to be abandoning the team fast than rats abandoning a sinking ship.

I wrote before about why early season performances shouldn’t make Royals fans jump off of a bridge. It seems like this topic needs revisiting. If you need reassurance to talk yourself off of the ledge, here are 3 things you should remember about the 2014 squad:

1). The Royals still have pretty good pitching.

Despite the last few games, the pitching staff is still pretty solid. James Shields currently boasts a 2.37 ERA, Jason Vargas, the dark horse of the rotation has posted a 1.64 and the young Yordano Ventura stands pat at 0.00.

Guthrie is still under 4 and Bruce Chen can barely be blamed for his sad 6.30. Much of Chen’s marks can be traced to a few unfortunate moments by the Bullpen, which, lest we forget, was the best in Royals history last year.

While they may not put up quite the same numbers this year, there’s little reason to think it will implode to pre-2013 levels.

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  • jimfetterolf

    The mass of Royals’ fans are fine, it’s just talk radio hosts and a few predictable bloggers and sites getting in a bunch. They’re always bent about something, it’s there business model.

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    Not that it changes your pitching example, but Ventura has a .069 ERA after the HR he gave up in the 5th. But like I said that doesn’t really change anything you were saying because it is still incredible!

    I also think Moose is going to have a better year than Butler will. Watching Butler the last two years has been nothing but one heart attack and stroke after another. Butler may look good statiscally, but for what he’s being paid and what his job requires him to do he is terrible. He has put the ball in the air 4 times all year. He doesn’t have an extra base hit. He has grounded out to the SS I believe 12 or 13 times this year and the 2B gets about the same mount of work as the SS when Butler comes up to bat. In the last 4 games, Butler is batting a staggering .000. He hasn’t shown any concern for how he has started and he doesn’t seem to want to change anything in his approach. I believe Jim made the point previously, but he swings the exact same every AB. If he has 2 strikes on him, watch the next pitch. The next pitch will be a slider low and away and he will swing 9 times out of 10 and his bat angle looks like he’s swinging at a fastball down the middle of the plate. Butler has been slowly declining the last 2 years and I think we are going to see some record lows for Billy if something doesn’t change.

    I don’t remember who it was that said this, but Moose wasn’t a stud hitter in the minors either. So why is it we expect him to come to the majors and be a stud? Last night Moose got robbed of a hit because of the rotation the infield pulled on him. Moose hit a hard grounder up the middle that would go through normally, but because of the rotation it was hit directly to the SS. Moose is hitting the ball hard. He barely missed a HR in the MIN series and he clobbered 2 doubles that nearly went out. Moose is still with the team for the same reason Esky is. Neiither are stud hitters, yet they are top 5 position players. Moose made at least 3 puts last night that a normal 3B probably wouldn’t be able to make. Not only did that save Ventura and his arm, but it saved the whole team.

    I’m going to continue saying this because I firmly believe this, but Moose is more important to this team than Butler is. Moose may be a bust on the offense side of the game, but on the defense side he’s a stud. Something Butler is incapable of doing.

    On another note, the most consistent Royal so far this year. Lorenzo Cain. Dude has the highest BA on the team and he is killing it in the OF.