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Around The Kingdom: Eric Berry, Royals Swept, Playoff Analysis, Joffrey Dies


Kansas City is one of the best sports towns in the country, and KC Kingdom has a lot of fun bringing you news from around the area for our professional and collegiate teams.

Few fans are as passionate about their teams than Kansas City fans, whether it is making Arrowhead Stadium the loudest outside venue in the world, or filling up Sporting Park each match, or being Royal in Kauffman Stadium. The area also supports three of the most passionate college fan bases in the country.

Each morning, we will try to bring you some news from around our sports kingdom, in addition to the news, information, editorials, and analysis KC Kingdom already provides.

We hope enjoy the news from Around The Kingdom. Happy reading!

On Arrowhead Addict, Ben Nielsen discussed the positive reasons to trade Eric Berry. Ben breaks down the benefits of trading Eric Berry now, but he closes with maybe the best argument against.

It isn’t that trading Berry doesn’t makes sense, because it does. It just doesn’t make sense to do so now after free agency is mostly over and Kansas City’s own free agents have signed elsewhere.

On Kings of Kauffman, Hunter Samuels dives into how the Royals are too aggressive at times at the plate, and I agree. While they aren’t striking out too much, I’m not sure they are waiting for the right pitches to swing at. Hunter does a great job with this article.

Matt Verderame on Arrowhead Pride gives in depth analysis about what went wrong against the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs. It is a very excellent piece of work, and deserves your time. Well done, Matt.

Speaking of what went wrong, NHZ takes a look at the Royals horrible weekend in Minnesota on Royals Review.

Who didn’t think King Joffrey had it coming on Sunday’s Game of Thrones? For a full recap of the Purple Wedding and other events, check out WinterIsComing.com.

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  • berttheclock

    Hey, Mr Wagler, I believe you are far closer to those heady days of yore in the sixties with the Chiefs than the younger set. As to that article up at Kingdom about those players from the sixties, perhaps, you could write an in depth thread about the importance of Don Klosterman who was the one who found the talent and signed them. The KC Star does not even appear to know of his existence with the Chiefs. He really was the Unsung Hero of building that SB team. Do you remember he was the one who signed Steve Young out of BYU for the LA Express and Young’s first moniker at that time was “The 40 Million Dollar Man”, as he signed for that amount, but, was never paid as the league folded. That is why Steve Young was available for the supplemental draft and was picked by Tampa Bay.

    • Joel Wagler

      Bert – great comment, and a great idea about Klosterman.

      As for my History degree – I love History (and my 14-year old may love it even more), but my degre has been worthless in real life. Of course, I minored in Soviet Studies, graduating 2 months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. LOL!

    • Joel Wagler

      Bert – Who was the quarterback for the LA Express when Young was signed?

      KU great – Frank Sauer!

  • Dave Cuttell

    F you for putting a spoiler in the headline. Wtf dude?! Not everyone is caught up you prick

    • Joel Wagler

      Not much of a spoiler:

      A) How did you not see that coming
      B) Since it was in the books, millions and millions of people already knew – wasn’t a secret.

      Obviously you didn’t know, so I apologize for letting the cat out of the bag.