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Around The Kingdom: Justin Maxwell, Injuries, Draft Odds, Rany, and Mad Men



Kansas City is one of the best sports towns in the country, and KC Kingdom has a lot of fun bringing you news from around the area for our professional and collegiate teams.

Few fans are as passionate about their teams than Kansas City fans, whether it is making Arrowhead Stadium the loudest outside venue in the world, or filling up Sporting Park each match, or being Royal in Kauffman Stadium. The area also supports three of the most passionate college fan bases in the country.

Each morning, we will try to bring you some news from around our sports kingdom, in addition to the news, information, editorials, and analysis KC Kingdom already provides.

We hope enjoy the news from Around The Kingdom.

Laddie Morse on Arrowhead Addict laid the odds on what position the Kansas City Chiefs will target in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Check it out; it is a pretty interesting read.

Over on Kings of Kauffman, David Hill questions Justin Maxwell’s pertinence to the Kansas City Royals. No argument from me; I like Justin Maxwell, but he is a wasted roster spot right now.

So, why keep Justin Maxwell on the roster? In theory, he could be a right handed power bat off the bench, ready to face off against a left handed reliever. However, the Royals already have Danny Valencia for that player. Unless Yost is concerned with needing to pinch hit against a left handed reliever when Valencia is in the lineup, having a second version of Valencia just does not make sense.

David Schwartz of Pine Tar Press takes a look at the fun side of roster moves caused by injuries to other players. One player’s misfortune can lead to opportunity to another.

A must read for any Royals fan is RanyontheRoyals.com. Though Rany Jazayerli doesn’t post as often on his own blog now (he writes for Grantland.com as well) as he used to , he is one of the most entertaining you writers you will ever read.

Josh Hill of FanSided.com provides you will all you need to know going into tonight’s Mad Men season premiere. Catch up before tuning in.

Happy reading, and have a great day. Be sure to check out KC Kingdom throughout the day for news on the Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, Tigers, Wildcats, and Jayhawks.


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