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Around The Kingdom: Yordano Ventura, Chiefs' Offseason, Pedro Ciriaco, & Game of Thrones Recap



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Tyler Drenon on Royals Review questions Ned Yost’s handling of Yordano Ventura. It may be a head scratcher, but Drenon doesn’t think Yost is completely off of his rocker on this one as he tries to protect Yordano Ventura.

I love criticizing Ned Yost. Seriously, it’s genuinely one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes, it just seems like he’s asking for it …


The Yost-is-a-moron-for-pushing-back-Ventura’s-start-just because-he-wanted-to-have-Guthrie-start-the-home-opener narrative is almost ubiquitous by now. Maybe something good could come out of it.

 Laddie Morse from Arrowhead Addict thinks the Kansas City Chiefs’ tandem of John Dorsey and Andy Reid believe in building through the draft rather than through free agency. Morse’s point is that we shouldn’t be worried by the lack of major signings.

Reid and Dorsey’s belief in, “players who can be developed” can’t be emphasized enough. Think about who these players are, from two points of view:

1) They are the “next man up” once they’ve developed, and

2) Lesser expensive players on the roster with upside.

So, what does “upside” mean? Many may have the tendency to think of “upside” as physical growth potential. While that’s a big part of it, youth, fewer years of experience at a position and lack of coaching previously play the biggest part in determining a prospects capacity to improve.

Chiefs fans should feel bolstered in the knowledge that both Andy Reid and John Dorsey not only run a program based upon this “capacity to improve” but have a history of such.

On Kings of Kauffman, Hunter Samuels evaluates the latest move by the Kansas City Royals – designating infielder Pedro Ciriaco, and calling up reliever Aaron Brooks.

I don’t necessarily think this is a bad move, per se, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scratching my head about it. In addition to the candidates I’ve already mentioned, Yordano Ventura will likely be available out of the bullpen for an inning or two (thus giving the Royals an 8-man bullpen for today), and while 5 relievers were used, it’s not like many of them were taxed very heavily.

The other side of this move, of course, is that the Royals are now left with no backup middle infielder, beyond Danny Valencia for emergency situations.

Finally, Josh Sanchez provides some video recaps of previous seasons of Games of Thrones, in anticipation of the season opener tonight on HBO. Even if you are all caught up, a nice recap never hurts…

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