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Kansas City Royals: A Fan's First Opening Day

Usually when someone thinks of opening day, they probably think sunshine and warm weather for the first pitch of the season. Opening day for the Kansas City Royals did not necessarily exceed those expectations, but the Royals did play a great game.

I’ve lived in Kansas City my entire life, but this was the first year I attended the Royals’ opening day. To be fair, I wasn’t really into baseball until a few years ago, but people still seemed surprised when I told them I had never been. When my brother and I decided to get our dad opening day tickets for his birthday, we figured it would be 60 some degrees and sunny. Regardless of the weather, Friday’s game was a great first opening day to attend.

The first inning was a little scary on the defensive side. Jeremy Guthrie allowed a run, but luckily that was only one of two runs that Guthrie allowed on the day.

Things got off to a good start offensively for the Royals, who scored three runs in the first inning thanks to a double by Alex Gordon. The Royals kept the crowd cheering as they not only continued to score runs, but play well on defense also. There was a play in the second inning where the White Sox looked as if they were trying to get themselves back in the game, but Gordon was able to get the ball to Alcides Escobar, who in turn threw to Salvador Perez to prevent Alexei Ramirez from scoring. It was quite the play and really got the crowd fired up.

The fifth inning was probably the most exciting part for the fans, as the Royals once again scored three runs and took a 7-2 lead. White Sox pitcher Erik Johnson had a rough day and was pulled from the game in the fifth. That’s where the game started to slow down and when the weather became noticeably colder. Fans started feeling comfortable with the lead and were heading towards the exits.

The White Sox started to make a comeback in the seventh inning, but it wasn’t enough. Greg Holland entered in the ninth and struck out two players to end the game and give the Kansas City Royals their first win of the season.

Opening day was certainly a fun experience and if you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should. Obviously scoring seven runs was top notch, but hearing a woman behind me ask, “Why are they booing him?” when Mike Moustakas was up to bat was one of the best moments of the day.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen beat “All Star” by Smash Mouth for the sixth inning song selection. I was a bit shocked that “Royals” by Lorde wasn’t played at all during the game.

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