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Kansas City Chiefs: Chase Daniel's Future

After the (forgettable) 2012 season, the Kansas City Chiefs made it a priority to get some decent quarterbacks on the roster. The first of which was former San Francisco 49er starter Alex Smith, who lost his starting job to Colin Kaepernick. Shortly after Smith was signed, Chase Daniel agreed to come play in Kansas City, signing a three year deal.

Before the season even started, there was no doubt that Smith was going to be the starter. Daniel had never started an NFL game before and seemed to be too short to be a starting quarterback. Smith had the best season of his career, but Daniel did get to see some playing time towards the end of the season.

In week 14 against the Washington Redskins, the Chiefs had a secure lead and put Daniel on the field. The more notable Chase Daniel appearance though was when he got to start his first NFL game in week 17 against the San Diego Chargers.

Daniel had himself a day in San Diego completing 21 of 30 passes for 200 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. Daniel also rushed seven times for a total of 59 yards (Source: Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star)

Chase Daniel proved himself to be a reliable backup in that loss to the Chargers. Smith has at least another year as the starting quarterback in Kansas City, but what happens after that? Is there any chance that Daniel could take over as the starter?

He played college ball in Missouri and chose to come to Kansas City rather than continue on as a backup with the Saints. Also, fun fact: He was a member of the Saints when they won the Super Bowl.

Daniel is knocked a lot because of his height. At 6’0″, he is considered one of the shorter quarterbacks in the league. Many have said that he more than likely won’t amount to anything more than a backup in the NFL.

Personally, I don’t think Daniel will be a starter for the Chiefs. Tyler Bray seems to be who the Chiefs are leaning towards, and that will depend on how long Alex Smith is around. It also depends on if the Chiefs pick up a quarterback in future drafts that they can groom into a franchise starter.

What are your thoughts on this? Could you see Chase Daniel starting in the NFL someday? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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  • Redblack564

    Hey Drew Brees is to short too. Daniel will have to find the right coach and scheme to hide his flaws . But I would love to see him start ! MIZ ZOU!

  • Michael Wallace

    yes, i think he will because he is a great quarterback so i think once alex retires chase will be a one year guy then depending on how he plays decide is he our guy

  • Dave Hoffman

    I think he stays for 1 more year unless they find someone to trade him to for a mid to late round pick i would trade him cuz i’ve heard that reid his high on tyler bray

  • A1 Yola

    He’s better than Blaine Gabbert that’s for sure.

    • tm1946

      IS he even on our roster?

      • A1 Yola

        No. But My point was that Blaine got a starting job with the Jags and Chase had to play backup with the Saints. Blaine’s size meant nothing in the NFL, he sucks. Chase should’ve gotten a starting job. I watched him torch defenses in the Big12, but nobody is willing to give him a starting job. He is more than capable. Both are Former Mizzou QB’s.

    • Travis Crouch

      Blan Gannett is more talented that’s why he got drafted in the first round where he was projected by the scouts while chase was a 5th or 6th round start and he only had that one game it’s not Canberra foult he went to the worst team with no talant not saying he is going to be great but I mean if you look at Alex smith his career started the same at gabbert

      • A1 Yola

        Who do you think is the better QB between them?

        • Travis Crouch

          I can’t tell you who is but you can’t just say he is a better qb becouse bline was with one of the worst teams in bel history when he had blackmen to throw to he did not have so bad stats mean name one guy on that team would be a starter on any other team

  • tm1946

    Nice kid, but overpaid on a team desperate for cash for free agents. If Bray can play, ask Andy, no need for him. Trade, they do that in the NFL occasionally, or release so he can find another team. Anyone not MU crazy thinks he is the QB of the future, get over it and move on.

  • Juiced

    Alex has too many good years in him still (barring injury) to make Chase relevant with the Chiefs. He will be in the NFL as a backup. I love MIZZOU but he is 27/28 and has only started in one game. Alex has played in almost 100 games. Who would you start?

  • Richard Rosenwald

    Chase Daniel (6′) is a winner. So is Drew Brees (6′). So is Russell Wilson (5’11″), so was Fran Tarkenton (6′), so was Johnny Unitas (6’1″ tops – probably only 6′). Joe Namath was 6’2″ but so stoop shouldered his head was probably at the level of someone 5’11″. Johnny Football is 6′ and will be drafted in the first round most likely. Height is only a number and when a QB has brains [does anyone remember "Spike" Grbac (6'5") who the CHIEFS brain trust put in for the playoffs in place of Rich Gannon (6'2" & 4th Round pick)], an arm AND heart, height beyond 6′ is almost irrelevant. This isn’t basketball. “Spike” was later let go, picked up by Baltimore and bombed out there, while Gannon went to our mortal enemy – Oakland – where he had 4 consecutive Pro Bowls, 3 All-Pro selections and led the Raiders with the #1 ranked Offense in the NFL to Super Bowl XXXVII. If height were so all-fired important why aren’t teams looking for 7′ QBs?

    • Mdsteinmeyer

      Doug Flute too! Someone was talking about Gabbert in another post. Gabbert was in a very weak draft that he was in. Any other draft year and Gabbert would have been a mid round draft pick so the comparison is not a good one. I like our QB situation and I say leave it alone for the next two seasons as Bray is not ready YET! He will be and my what an arm that Guy has! We do not need to make a sexy pick on a QB when this is a position that is already solid.

  • jimfromkcj

    Chase is one play away from starting for the Chiefs. If Alex goes down, does anyone think Bray is ready to start. Maybe if the Chiefs are ready to call it a season and play for a high draft pick is the only scenario I see that Bray would be the starter. Chase is not overpaid if the Chief’s had their cap under control, but with Flowers, Hali, Berry and Bowe so overpaid it is easy to say chase is overpaid. Get the cap under control and chase would be right where he should be.

  • Josh Landers

    I think he could be a starting qb somewhere. Just not kc. I think bray is our guy for now (behind smith, that is). It seems that brays weaknesses are smiths strengths. If bray can soak up smiths decision making and leadership skills, we could have a really good qb on our hands once smith is gone (assuming he’s only here for a couple more years). If smith sticks around for a while, bray could be a good trade chip. I like Daniel and I agree that height doesn’t really matter but he’s probably about to be the highest 3rd string qb in the league. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Richard Rosenwald

    I thought of Doug Flutie as well but after I made my initial post. You want to talk about short, why don’t we talk about Wes Welker (undrafted), T.J. Moe (undrafted signed by N.E.-think Belichick knows something about wide receivers?) and Darren Sproles? All are short and all are superb players. The difference for T.J. is he had a new offensive coordinator his senior year and a QB who was not up to his sophomore season and still getting injured. Josh Henson was learning on the job and it showed. Frankly, I think Belichick got a steal and the Chiefs missed out on this one.

  • Stan Colbert

    I think Smith will get a nice extension later this spring securing his services for a number of years on a team friendly, yet,, respectable contract. I think Bray will will get an opportunity to win the backup QB position. If he performs well I think Daniel will become trade bait for another draft choice in one year’s time. I expect Daniel to have a long career as backup in the NFL. Should Bray not perform well in preseason I would expect KC to draft a developmental QB next year. They might sign an undrafted free agent this summer to throw during training camp with few expectations.

  • Joel Wagler

    Great discussion. Nice article!