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Craig Loston, Safety: Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report

Overview: Well-built and aggressive, at 5’11” 217lbs. LSU’s Craig Loston is a formidable, back-end defender. calls him a fearless hitter with rare acceleration, and compares him to former LSU safety Eric Reid (who was a 2013 1st round draft choice by San Francisco). Meanwhile, is impressed by Craig Loston’s ability to close on plays in front of him, and notes that he gets to the flat very quickly.

Loston is an unselfish defender, who makes big hits. He’s also been the vocal leader of LSU’s secondary and lined up the Tigers’ defense in 2013. He projects to be useful at both safety positions in the NFL, but is probably better suited to playing in the box. He also can contribute on both as gunner and jammer on special teams.

However, CBSSports is concerned that he tends to rely on big hits on ball-carriers rather than wrapping up on tackles, and states that he gives up a lot of separation when asked to provide man coverage on wide-receivers, but can match up with tight-ends. His straight line speed isn’t the best, but he possesses good acceleration, and solid ball skills, to make plays.

Combine Results:

                                                40 yd Dash:    4.65

                                                Bench:            12

                                                Vertical:          32.5 in

                                                Broad:             9′ 11″         

                                                Shuttle:           4.35        

                                                3-cone:            7.15  

combine results from  

Draft projection: expects Craig Loston to go by the 2nd or 3rd round, while believes he will last until the 4th.

Loston, however, is not the best fit for the Chiefs. He’s primarily a strong safety, and the Chiefs need a free—unless they wish to move pro-bowler Eric Berry from a position in which he excels. Still, Loston is a big hitter, who can be useful on special teams and projects to be good enough to be an NFL starter. If Loston is available in the middle rounds (say the 4th or later), he might be too good to pass.

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