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Where Did the Kansas City Royals Go Wrong On Opening Day?


The Kansas City Royals lost to the Detroit Tigers in the bottom of the 9th inning on Opening Day. The game may have been lost in the 7th though.

On Monday afternoon, Ned Yost made the decision to put Aaron Crow in the game with one out in the seventh inning with the game on the line. It’s easy for me to sit here and criticize this move in hindsight as a writer not affiliated with the Royals, but that’s why I don’t have to make the decisions that Ned Yost does. However, I have two problems with this decision:

First of all, James Shields was pitching on Opening Day against a division rival. Even though he was over 100 pitches, and it was the first game of the year, Yost needs to let Shields finish that inning; or at least give him a chance to get out of his own jam.

It’s true that this is early April and the season is young, but as we learned from the Wildcard chase last year; every game matters. Especially games against the division favorite, Detroit Tigers.

James Shields is our ace. The guy that is supposed to get us out of tough jams. Keep him in.

Secondly, if Yost is going to go to the Royals bullpen, it is my belief that the best pitcher needs to be used when the game is on the line. This is just a personal opinion I have always had. Greg Holland is perhaps the best bullpen arm in the American League.

I don’t care if he is our closer, we need to use our best player when the game is on the line. Instead, we used Aaron Crow who is the worst of our excellent bullpen at getting out of an inning with inherited runners on base.

Like I said earlier, hindsight is always 20/20, and it is very easy for me to sit at my computer and criticize Ned Yost’s first move of the season. But this loss is on him. The Kansas City Royals can’t afford to lose any that they should’ve won, and this one hurts worse since it was on Opening Day. Let’s hope the boys in blue can rebound and take the Series in Detroit.

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  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    I’m going to have to disagree with you.

    Shields may be our ace but when we are in a 3-1 lead and Shields has a runner on 1B and 3B with only 1 out and you can see his starting to struggle a little, you relieve him. Crow kind of fell last year but at the beginning of the year he was someone we brought in during that situation. He struck out the next batter, but unfortunately the dirt ball got away from Salvy allowing Jackson to come in from 3B. Gonzales isn’t someone you consider a treat but he got some good wood on a gapper while we were playing in on him. The 7th inning was just one of those unfortunate innings that happen every once in awhile.

    Also, the notion that Holland should have been in the game during the 7th is a bit ridiculous to me. He is your closer. Not a set up man. If the Royals get to the 9th and we are winning, who are you bring in? Herrera? Collins? Duffy? Those are you last pitchers. When you’re winning in the 9th you put in a closer you trust to finish the game and that’s Holland.

    Yesterday was a rough loss, but it was the first game of the year. Before pointing fingers, why don’t we play more baseball.