Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) - Credit: USA Today

Andrew Wiggins Makes It Official That He Is Leaving For The NBA



It is no surprise. Andrew Wiggins is leaving the Kansas Jayhawks for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Blair Kerkoff of the Kansas City Star provided some entertaining play-by-play on twitter during Wiggins’ announcement this afternoon. Here is a pertinent sampling:



It is really hard to believe this was any kind of a hard decision for Wiggins. It would be shocking if this decision wasn’t made a year ago. Considering Bill Self gave his scholarship away months ago, this announcement was merely a formality.

According to Sports Illustrated‘s latest online mock draft board, Wiggins is projected as the first overall draft pick, with Kansas teammate, Joel Embiid listed as the second pick.

ESPN.com also has Wiggins listed first, with Embiid going third. Of course, Embiid hasn’t made his official decision as of yet.

With the broken system that is in place, Wiggins can’t be blamed for going pro, and no one should blame Embiid if and when he makes his decision to bolt. Both players could use another year under Self’s tutelage but they will make a bundle of guaranteed money by choosing the NBA.

Wiggins is an incredibly gifted athlete but is far from a polished product. He is passive at times, needs to work on the consistency of his jump shot, which is a thing of beauty when he is hot, and he needs to get much stronger. He will be drafted strictly on potential, and not on his actual basketball skills.

There were games when Wiggins was a joy to watch, but often times, he looked disengaged. Three or four times a game, he would do something that you just don’t see every day, but his lack of consistency was maddening to watch at times.

I wish Andrew Wiggins all the luck in the world, and he will forever be a Kansas Jayhawk. It is doubtful we will see too many more athletes as graceful and explosive as Wiggins. If he works on his shortcomings and gets stronger, he could very well indeed be a star in the NBA.

Now, we await Embiid’s decision.

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