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NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Out On DeSean Jackson

Ian Rapoport of just tweeted that the Kansas City Chiefs are out of the DeSean Jackson sweepstakes.


If true, this turn of events has just devastated Chiefs fans across the web who had hoped to see the explosive Jackson in the Kansas City lineup.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid, and most of Kansas City’s offensive staff, are very familiar with Jackson, who played five of his six NFL seasons for Reid in Philadelphia. The Chiefs have a definite need at WR and can certainly use more playmakers. If the people who know DeSean Jackson best are scared off after research, it will demolish his market value.

The problem, of course, is telling truth from fiction.

Now, for an experienced reporter like Ian Rapoport to go public with this information, the source will need to be credible. Even so, mistakes can get made. In 2009, rumors of Mike Shanahan taking Kansas City’s then-open head coaching job under newly installed GM Scott Pioli blazed across the web. NFL Network’s Adam Schefter shot them down.  Even ESPN got caught in the mistake.

Sometimes, it’s not a mistake. Sometimes reports get used in a spinning contest between people with conflicting agendas. Agents, teams, and players will spread disinformation for their own purposes after a high-profile free agent gets cut.

Hypothetically, suppose someone wanted to depress Jackson’s market value? The best way to do this would be to float rumors of Andy Reid backing off from him for off-the-field behavior. Or the rumor’s purpose could be to scare off the Washington Redskins, who look like they will get the first crack at Jackson.

Remember, also, that Ian Rapoport is the guy that tweeted last November that the Steelers expected Ben Roethlesberger to ask for a trade at the end of the 2013 season. We haven’t heard a whisper about such a demand this offseason.

What we could have here is DeSean Jackson’s agent making a visit to Washington to spread fear of a big money deal from free-spending Dan Snyder, and a team making a counter-move to depress Jackson’s value.

The truth will sort itself out over the coming days. Until then, everything you read isn’t necessarily true.

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  • Leigh Oleszczak

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll be fine either way. If we get Jackson, cool. He’s a great wide receiver and we certainly need help in the position. If we don’t get him, we can draft a wide receiver with our first round pick and start fresh.

  • Josh Michaels

    Could’ve been a great pick up but, I don’t think he’s worth the money. Reid has a good pedigree with scouting receivers. Him and Dorsey will make a good selection

  • John Viril

    Leigh, the track record of 1st year receivers isn’t the best. Often they struggle to adjust, even some guys who end up having great careers. So, getting Jackson would likely have short-term benefits over anyone we could draft. Especially a guy who knows the offense, knows the coaches, and will be effective from day 1.

    I’d love to land him. But, I have a lot less info about the downside then Dorsey, or any other NFL decision-maker.