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2014 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Line Scouting Reports



The Kansas City Chiefs are slated for the 23rd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft in May. There are a few things than can happen between now and the moment of that pick, and KC Kingdom wants to be prepared.

The most unlikely of scenarios has the Chiefs trading up to grab some player they really love. With only six picks in this draft, it is doubtful, but possible, Kansas City would give up any picks to move up.

It is more likely the Chiefs trade down a few spots, in an effort to acquire a later pick or two if they can find a trading partner willing to do this is a deep draft. Chances are, the Chiefs are going to stand pat with the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. There should be plenty of talented players still available at that point in the draft.

Our staff at KC Kingdom doesn’t want to take any chances. We love the Chiefs and the many possibilities the 2014 NFL Draft will offer. We will try to provide scouting reports, and insights on as many prospects as we can over the next several weeks.

We understand some of the players stand little chance of dropping to the 23rd pick overall, but we want to provide information just in case, plus we like to satiate our draft fans as well. Hopefully, we won’t miss anyone the Chiefs might select with their first 3 or 4 picks, but we aren’t in the war room, so we don’t know who General Manager John Dorsey and Andy Reid might target.

Our goal is to be as thorough as we can, and give scouting reports on as many players as possible, plus add commentary on how they could help the Chiefs. We know it might take a miracle for some of these players to make it onto the Chiefs’ roster.

Over the next several weeks, there will be a number of scouting reports up on KC Kingdom, covering numerous positions. We will also link all of those reports to central clearinghouse posts, by position, so if you miss one, you will easily be able to find all the reports for that position.

Here are the scouting reports we have published thus far for defensive linemen for the 2014 NFL Draft. We will update this page as we add more. Click on “scouting report”:

Dee Fordscouting report – 3/7/14

Stephon Tuittscouting report – 3/24/14

Kareem Martinscouting report – 3/26/14

Scott Crichtonscouting report – 3/31/14

We hope you enjoy the reports for the 2014 NFL Draft, and find them informative. This is an exciting time of the year, as hope for the future shines bright. Go Chiefs!

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