The Kansas City Chiefs Should Trade Stars For Picks While They Can

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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to fly under the radar in free-agency. To date, they’ve lost several players, including two Pro-Bowlers in Branden Albert and Dexter McCluster, a starting defensive end in Tyson Jackson, as well as some much needed depth along the offensive line in Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz.

They’ve attempted to compensate by signing the likes of Vance Walker, Joe Mays, Weston Dressler, and Jeff Linkenbach. Walker may be an upgrade over Tyson Jackson, we’ll see. Joe Mays is possibly an upgrade as a run-stopper at linebacker but he’s also got some weaknesses in pass coverage. Both are coming to a new scheme and will have to find ways to fit in.

We really have no idea what to expect from Weston Dressler. He was a star in the CFL but he may or may not be a capable NFL wide receiver. Probably the most we can expect from him is McCluster-like numbers, otherwise he’d probably have already been in the NFL some time ago.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of the Chiefs off-season thus far has been the failed negotiations and subsequent drama associated with free-agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders who ended up signing with the division rival Denver Broncos after having allegedly come to an agreement with the Chiefs only hours prior.

The latest notable news involving the Chiefs has been conjecture that they may be interested in trading for speedy Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

From a need perspective, this deal makes sense in that the Chiefs could definitely use a set of dependable hands with some game-breaking speed. Jackson certainly offers that.

However, the obvious hurdle to a Jackson deal actually happening is that he is due around $10M this year and the Chiefs only have about $5.2M in cap space remaining.

Moreover, any deal for Jackson would undoubtedly include a draft pick (maybe two), and the Chiefs are already operating at a deficit in terms of picks, having traded their second round selection to the 49ers as part of the Alex Smith deal.

Bottom line, a DeSean Jackson to Kansas City deal is not going to happen. The Chiefs have too many holes to fill, they can’t afford to give up any more picks, and they can’t easily accommodate Jackson’s contract. So where does that leave the Chiefs with respect to the wide receiver position?

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  • Joel Wagler

    It would be tough to trade either of these two guys, but in the long run, it may be for the best. KC isn’t going to win 11 games again this year, so maybe it would be better to take one small step back now, in order to take 2 or 3 big steps forward in the future.

    Either way, it’s a tough call.

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    I dont believe we should trade both, one or the other. Possibly Johnson (hate saying that as my wall is full of his autographs, and I to have his Jersey) then restructure Hail’s deal, but losing 2 Pro-bowl Linebackers where that is our strength, for a few unknown players would be a bit to much. The only reason I say Johnson over Hali is most of our blitz packages come from the outside linebackers and right now they are rolling strong. But Dorsey/Reid have turned this team around so best to trust in them. Another possible trade would be Flowers. He really doesnt fit our man coverage scheme. Im sure Pioli would give up the farm for him to come to Atlanta or Romeo would be willing to bite…

    • Josh Landers

      Hali should get a paycut if anything. All restructuring does is make his final season balloon. DJ was rated as the number one cover mlb last year. That is virtually impossible for a rookie to even come close to matching from what I’ve seen. Plus, flowers is going to be fine. Idk if you saw our playoff game this year but when flowers w came out, the colts score went up. We just need to keep him on the slot guys.

      • DieHard_ChiefsFan

        Good Points as well. If the players truly buy into the family mantra, they should all be willing to restructure or take slight pay cuts for the betterment of the team and to get that ring. I also have a flowers jersey, so it kills me to mention that, but also like to see the guys thrive. You are correct, he was pretty solid in the slot he was solid and DJ is a great Middle LB (Cant deny Defensive player of the probowl right). We just need to get a better MLB next to DJ and a shut down FS, Hopefully that is SC. Seems like Dorsey and Reid are high on this guy, hope he stays healthy this year.

        • mnelson52

          I also think Dorsey believes in SC and HA, so I don’t think he’s going to use his #1 pick for a safety. Johnson is the heart and soul of this defense and calls about all the plays. Losing him would hurt in more ways than just losing a LB. As much as I love Hali, he would be my choice for a trade to get our 2nd round pick back. I also saw where Kony Ealy DL from Missouri had a great pro day and knocked off almost 4/10 of his time at the combine doing the 40 in 4.57 at 6’5 and 276 lbs. If he would fall that far, he could make up for some of the pass rush we would miss from Hali. The pass rush would also improve our DBs. Of coarse it would be nice to have them both. Just my 2 cents.

          • DieHard_ChiefsFan

            Very true. Personally I wouldn’t want to trade any this year to see how our draft picks turn out. My son has a wall full of Hali autographs as well. Guess we just have to trust Dorsey and Reid to take us to the promised land. Either way very stoked about this year

  • Josh Landers

    There aren’t a lot of pass rush specialists or mlbs that can play the run and cover that I know of to think about pulling the trigger on something like this. We have one of the toughest schedules in the league next year and throwing rookies to the wolves like that usually does more harm than good. Plus we don’t really have as many holes as you claim that I can see. Cb needs depth. Abdullah can hold his own at fs. Og and wr are the only NEEDS that I see. If you see something I dont then let me know. Otherwise, GO CHIEFS!!!

    • Brent G

      Josh, I appreciate your thoughts…but have to respectfully disagree re: our holes. Safety is a train-wreck…did you watch the games against San Diego, Denver, and Indy? WRs were running rampant across the middle and wracking up Madden-like numbers. We also need to upgrade at CB in my opinion…the cover skills of our current group are average AT BEST.

      Then there’s the D-Line…Poe is a beast but he’s double and triple teamed routinely…gotta get him some help. His numbers plummeted in the second half of the season. That’s what happens when you get more snaps than any other D-lineman in the league and you’re getting doubled every play.

      Let’s not forget the O-line. We just lost three guys, one of which was a Pro-Bowl LT. So now we have three holes to fill and if you want to improve over last season, they all need to be at least as good as who we lost. Stephenson MAY step up but my sense is he’s pretty close to his ceiling now.

      I personally don’t even think WR is really a critical need. Reid’s offense just needs guys who can get open and catch the ball consistently. I really think we could go all the way with a bunch of Amendolas, Welkers, and Eddlemen. It’s a scheme that doesn’t require marquee WRs but, it is worth noting that the only time he made it to the Super Bowl in Philly was when they added T.O. to the mix.

      • Josh Landers

        You’re right about safety. However, I think Abdullah and hopefully commings will fill that void. Fisher will replace Albert and Stephenson will replace fisher. That leaves only rg vacant. That’s a need. We currently have a solid starting d-line. We need depth but I was only referring to starters before. Our secondary was so bad last year due to a 7th round pick as a part-time starter and Kendrick Lewis doing what he does best. I think coop will take a big step forward this year and if we keep flowers in the slot we just need depth. This leaves only og and wr as NEEDS. I may be putting a lot of faith in the fact that this is year two in this system and the young guys stepping up but I believe it’s going to come together. I don’t necessarily disagree with you but I don’t fully agree either.

  • kyle

    Wow, I am shocked DJ is on this list. Flowers sure, but DJ? A MLB is your quarterback of the defense and he is one of the best. DJ if you’re reading this, KC doesn’t want you going anywhere! Blasphemy!!!

    • freshmeat62

      I agree. I’d hate to lose either DJ or Hali, but DJ is 31 and Hali 30, and if you are able to replace either of them w/ someone 7-8 years younger, I think you have to do it. That was Stram’s problem when he was coach, he couldn’t stand to part w/ his players that won him a SB, and the team got old – fast.

    • Brent G

      Kyle, I didn’t include Flowers only because I am working off the idea that they’re going to move him to safety this year, but I agree that he’s another guy we could probably get some value for right now.
      I totally understand where you’re coming from re: DJ but honestly, this is win-win for both DJ and the Chiefs. You have to assume the only teams that would interested in acquiring a player DJ’s age and price is going to be on that is close to winning the Super Bowl. He’s exactly the kind of guy you go get when you’re one or two players away. So we get some extra picks and he gets his ring.

      As much as I love DJ and I’d love to see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl with both him and Tamba, I don’t think we’ve got the horses to do it right now, particularly in the secondary or along the D-line to be honest…Poe is a one-man show and he clearly got tired as the season wore on. In fact, unless we make a bold move like I’m proposing, I’d say best case, we’re two drafts away.

      Both Tamba and DJ really only have 2 to 4 really productive seasons left in them so I say pull the trigger while there’s still some value in doing so and let’s stock the cupboard with a bevy of young talent.

      • Jim Harper

        You are exactly right Brent. If they don’t do something like this then our current position will go on until we lose productivity from those same players we were trying to hold on to

  • Chiefs Martyball

    I wouldn’t trade DJ but would Trade B Flowers and T Hali. Flowers does not fit this scheme and there are a couple teams that need his talents and Hali like you said and I love this guy too well is getting long in tooth and also gets held almost every play but the Chiefs found Houston and I believe they can hold the fort without them two I will even add another in C Daniel Tyler Bray could move up and could draft another or if Tyler not ready can find a stopgap for a year cheaper. The Browns need help and KC has a connection in the form of GM there also Dallas and Tampa could use them and also not to mention the Jets. D Bowe could also be traded IMHO did not do much last year and doesn’t really fit with AS11 and could bring in familiar targets with AS11 and give our Back ups a chance.

    • Chiefs Martyball

      I still believe even with the trades mentioned that the Chiefs could still make the post season 2014 and will split with Denver and SD and think we own the Raiders this year. Without the moves I think we barely if so make the post season and if we truly are building a Team right then taking chances and acquiring draft picks is the only way. This years draft is so deep and full of talent

    • Brent G

      Agree on Chase Daniel…I like him but I think Bray can hold down the fort if called upon and do it for a LOT less money…recoup that cap space! As for Bowe, I think he’s overpaid but I do like his skill-set. He’s a big, tough body who can make the tough catch in a crowd. If we could get him to re-structure, that’d be great but I’m not holding my breath.

  • freshmeat62

    I was thinking along the same lines, DJ, Hali, and Flowers, but I would not take less than a 2nd for any of them. DJ and Hali each have at least a good 2-3 more years in them, and Flowers probably has more than that. If they could get a 2nd for Hali, they could draft someone like Ealy to replace him, and then have the 2nd rd’er to take a WR, FS, or whatever.

  • Hawthorne

    If we could net a 1st and a 5th for Hali I would do it. We could grab Dee Ford in the 1st to fill the hole. Keep DJ. I wouldn’t mind trading Flower’s but we may not get much for him, any less than a high 2nd would probably be a bad idea and I doubt we get that.

  • Stan Colbert

    First off, I would like this opportunity t thank you for your service to this country..
    I for one have thought Hali could have been. traded before this. He has benefited by the different coaching changes and new coaches wanting to know what they had before making trades. Flowers to me is a possibility because though he made Pro bowl he really didn’t have a great season. I also feel KC might have a backup in house who might be able to do a comparable job. This is actually why I would not recommend trading DJ, TH, or even EB. At this time there really is no adequate backup on the roster for any of these people. Also, these three and Alex Smith represent the leadership quotient for the team, which makes their roles that much more important. I do think some number of these players will be traded next year and who it might be could very well be discovered by who they draft this year.

  • Josh Michaels

    Excellent write up Brent!

  • jayo762

    Im glad ur not in the front office!!!!! Yeah lets take the heart of the def and just throw it away lol what a joke

  • Tarkus

    Not sure where you get the idea that our front office is so great at identifying talent. Their first draft class has done very little so far (admittedly some due to injuries), with our best rookie a waiver wire pickup who was drafted by another team. And their first free agency class was a mixed bag at best. This idea that they’re going to produce magic with a bunch of draft picks is a lot of wishful thinking.

  • cyberry

    I completely disagree..Tyson Jackson held the run and his blockers very well. Without him ( there will be times next year when T. Jax will be missed.. no regrets ) Backs and lineman might from his old side might be getting to next level more often,..Do you think it’s a quincadence..Mays was signed, A hard hitting linebacker who is run stuffer. Johnson is the rock of the defense. he will be needed. Especially if there are any injuries to the D. LIne
    So think we should trade the backbone our defense. Who stayed with the Chief’s and stuck it out through the worst times. When it made more sense to leave. With such a young team, his presence in the huddle and locker room id huge! But you want to bring in a player who held out of camp twice for more money. Refused to speak will the media until they changed his contract to his liking,,, Suspended from games. for not showing up for meetings..Unsportsmanlike and taunting penalties….
    Well , if you get your wish.. the Chemistry of this team will take a major hit.The players we lost to free agency received some decent contacts since we didn’t have anything major. We should get 3 maybe 4 comp picks next year.. That could be 10 next year for ya.. WooHoo

    I’m old school.. if a player is drafted and shows loyalty . Becomes a face of team and represent’s the city.. While playing a major part in completely turning around a franchise I not going to congratulate his Pro Bowl invite by trading him..
    Because we cleaned up with the Tony Gonzales trade.. The greatest TE in football history could have been a life time CHIEF. would have been an awesome ambassador to the city. Kinda a football George Brett… threw that one away.. for a PICK!!