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Aroldis Chapman Hit By Salvador Perez Line-Drive

Last night, Cincinnati Reds’ closer Aroldis Chapman was struck in the face by a powerful line drive hit by Royals Catcher Salvador Perez. It was quite a scene in Surprise Stadium, with reports stating that it was so quiet in the stadium that you could hear the ambulance on it’s way to the stadium.

Chapman was carried off the field on a stretcher, then carted through the outfield gate. posted a video that you can watch here.

After the incident, coaches Ned Yost and Bryan Price got together and decided to call the game in the sixth inning, in respect for the coaches and players to be with their teammate.

The diagnosis for the fantastic closer was fractures above the left eye and the nose, along with a mild concussion. Also, doctors say Chapman might require a metal plate in his head. It was bad but let’s just say, it could have been a lot worse. 

According to Dick Kaegel at, Perez was visibly upset by the play. The ball hit Chapman so hard, the ball bounced all the way between the coaches’ box and the dugout on the third base side.

Perez stayed by the mound while they attended Chapman, and reached out to console him after he was strapped in the cart when Chapman was taken off the field.

According to Kaegel, Perez did not make himself available after the game.

Possible return has a time frame of six to eight weeks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Aroldis Chapman will be ready to jump back into action right then. We will keep you updated on any new information.

This link from has a video of the play.

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