Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano (80) celebrates with running back Jamaal Charles (25) and quarterback Alex Smith (11) after catching a touchdown pass against the Denver Broncos in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas Predicts 8-8 For The Kansas City Chiefs In 2014

For those of you that like to follow what Vegas has to say involving sports, R.J. Bell of set the line at 8 games for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014.

The Chiefs are coming off an 11-5 season, so naturally they will be facing a much tougher schedule. Vegas believes Kanas City takes a step back in the 2nd season under head coach, Andy Reid, and general manager, John Dorsey. The Chiefs will be facing the 7th hardest schedule, so I’m sure that’s a leading factor.

R.J. Bell also believes the Denver Broncos are the favorites to win the west again, with their win total set to 11. The Chiefs and San Diego Chargers are neck-and-neck, with both being set at 8 wins. San Diego had a solid turnaround season themselves, and the AFC West has suddenly become one of the tougher divisions in the NFL. All of these factors are playing into the 8 win prediction.

Personally, I think I would take the over on the Chiefs 8 wins. Remember, this is all set before free agency and the NFL draft, so these win totals will change for some teams.

What do you think about the 8-8 prediction from Vegas? Are they right and what’s your record prediction for the Chiefs in 2014? Leave your comments below.

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3 Comments on Vegas Predicts 8-8 For The Kansas City Chiefs In 2014

  1. freshmeat62 says:

    The “experts” don’t seem to have much faith in Dorsey/Reid improving this team. I think they could probably go 8-8 w/ the current team – even w/ no upgrades. I’m not sure 11-5 will be doable, but I can see 10-6. I don’t think Denver will be the team they were last year. Manning’s getting old, doesn’t have the arm anymore. He’s starting to remind me of Montana in his last year – got the know how, but just can’t do it physically any more.

    Any FS at all will upgrade that position. That position hurt the Chiefs more than anything last year, even more than the injuries. Basically the Chiefs were playing w/ only 10 men on defense. And improve the DE and ILB positions, the Chiefs defense will be good.

    On offense, even w/ the lack of any decent receivers, it came on pretty good the second half of the season, mainly because of Smith getting comfortable in it. The o-line will be the key to how well they do this year. Schwartz, and Asamoah if he’s not pricing himself off the team, need to be a top priorities, and add some depth.

  2. tgaletti says:

    The O-Line is going to be the key to the whole equation !!!! We cannot let both Schwartz an Asamoah walk. W e must have some semblance of continuity on the O-Line.

  3. John Thom says:

    Vegas is always wrong no biggie

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