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James Shields And The Kansas City Royals Are Not Talking Extension



The Kansas City Royals apparently don’t think they have a chance to sign James Shields to an extension. Sadly, they don’t even seem to be trying.

According to Jim Bowden, ESPN Baseball Insider and host of SiriusXM’s Inside Pitch and Front Office, reported today after having Shields on his show, there are no talks eminent between the Royals and their ace.






The Royals gave up too much in Wil Myers to not try to negotiate with James Shields to retain his service past this season. However, at one point, it was reported that Shields was asking for a contract similar to the deal Zack Greinke signed with the Dodgers.

With his age and mileage, it would not be prudent to re-sign Shields for a $147 million, no matter how many years the Royals spread out the money. Still, you would at least like to hear that Kansas City and James Shields were trying to come to some sort of agreement.

I have also been of the mind that Dayton Moore had to make the Shields for Myers deal to improve this ball club. I stand by that opinion. After watching the Royals be awful for so many seasons, no one can convince me, though many have tried, that the Royals would have won more games last year if Moore had not pulled the trigger.

That being said, if the Royals do not make the playoffs in 2014, and Shields unceremoniously leaves, what will have been the point? The Royals would have not made the playoffs without James Shields.

It was always a pipe dream that Shields would really, truly consider a longer term, home town deal with Kansas City. It was even more of a pipe dream that David Glass would be willing to pony up the money to even warrant the consideration by Shields.

Enjoy watching James Shields pitch for the Kansas City Royals this season. Admire his professionalism, effort, and tenacity. Hope that somehow the Royals make it into the playoffs.

James Shields will be pitching somewhere else in 2015.

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  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    I think everyone has an idea that they aren’t going to be able to reach an agreement on an extention. Shields is probably looking for a contract in the $100M range which is out of the budget for the Royals, especially with Hosmer needing to sign an extention.

    To be honest, I would rather offer Shields a QO and if he doesn’t sign that then he’s gone and I’m fine with that. Hosmer is more valuable than Shields is in the long haul. If Zimmer, Duffy and Ventura can play to their abilities then we would be fine without Shields.

    I love Shields energy and emotions, he fires up the team, but if he is wanting a small market team to give him a 5/$100+ contract on top of trying to extend Hosmer, Gordon and depending on if we want to keep Aoki and Holland and Hoch and…the list continues. I just feel the money is better spent to Hosmer and everyone else then just to Shields.

    • jessanders

      You’re completely right. Though I doubt that all three of Zimmer, Ventura and Duffy figure it out, ever. Odds are greatly against those three becoming #1/#2/#3 starters (which is what they’re projected to be, respectively). It would be awesome if they did, but the odds are against it. However, if we can manage two of them becoming consistent 3-4 WAR pitchers (somewhere between Santana last year and Shields last year) then we’ll be able to call it a success. My money is still on Duffy not being able to develop into the #2/#3 pitcher he’s projected to be. Command issues, primarily, are what I think will keep it from sticking. I see him making a career as a swing-man with more talent than ability. I see him bouncing around and everyone trying to make him figure it out (much like we have with Hoch) and continually frustrating everyone.

      That said, if we can get these three guys, then we have another good batch of pitchers due in the next few years (Manea, Almonte, Lamb, Adams) and could have one heck of a staff of home grown talent, relegating Vargas to the bullpen, or giving us good trade candidates to fill in the holes that Escobar, Infante, Gordon and Cain are likely to leave.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        I think with the group of pitchers we have coming up for cheap we will do just fine. Almonte is supposed to be becoming a stud real soon.

        I think the Duffy, Ventura and Zimmer connection has a great chance of happening. Even if Zimmer and Ventura become #1/#2 and Duffy is a #4 we would be fine because Guthrie is a solid #3 and Vargas could take the #4/#5 spot and be just fine. Duffy is still showing some accuracy issues, but he goes from one terrible inning to a brilliant inning. I think the more work he has the better he will be because he has only played like 10 games in 2 years so he could still have a little rust.

        I also see Colon being Esky’s replacement, Bonifacio as Gordon’s (whenever Gordon retires because I think Gordon will be a Royal for life). I haven’t looked to deep into the minors for the other position but I think we have some studs coming up that can fill in when our players either retire or get let go.

  • jessanders

    I hated the trade when it happened, and I hate it more and more each passing day.

    Clearly, the hope was that Davis would turn into a solid #3 starter, and the PTBNL would be decent. Johnson flashed some competence, but it never stuck.

    Still, Wil Myers was way too much to give up for Shields. I can’t even think about what our lineup would look like with him, making minimum, instead of Aoki.

    I don’t know what our rotation would look like. I’m certain it would be worse. I’m certain we would have lost more games last season. I’m also fairly sure that we’d be better this year (if not this year, certainly next year after Shields leaves), as we would have been able to pursue other pitchers more actively. Perhaps resigning Santana and finding a way to convince Oakland we had more to give them for Brian Anderson than they got? Perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten rid of Paulino, and he’d have a shot at the rotation?

    That’s living in a dream world. The point is we gave up the RoY last year for two years of team control of a front of the rotation starter and garbage. It was not a good trade.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      As much as I do agree with you and I always think about the fact that Myers is a stud and we are about to lose a stud and it kills me, I kind of disagree.

      If we don’t have Shields we would lose more games because we would have had to start Hoch, Mendoza or Davis all year instead of being able to replace them. I personally believe the reason why we were in the hunt for Beltran and were able to get Infante is primarily because of our play last year. If we ended the year again 10-15 games under 500, Infante doesn’t sign with the Royals. Then we are stuck again in our situation of not having a 2B and more holes in our rotation this year. I personally think Santana had zero aspirations of re-signing this year and if we did terrible last year without Shields then their is no way he signs with the team long term.

      As much as it kills me knowing we lost Myers for a 2 year rental, a position player that we no longer have and a pitcher that is a bullpen arm that we are going to continue trying to build into a rotation arm, the trade helped us. Without that trade our team is less attractive and we are no where near the talk of playoffs.